6 Steps to Create the Perfect Workspace at Home

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While some of us are starting to return to work after several months of staying home, many of the eligible workforce will continue to work from home. WFH is a controversial subject. Some relish the extra hour of sleep, the comfy dress code, the commute across the hall, and water-cooler chit chat with roomies, partners, and kiddos. Others miss their co-workers, their office views, lunch meetings, and the perks of #officelife. Whatever your stance is on working from home – whether you love it, hate it, or you’re somewhere in between – there’s no denying the benefits of a beautiful, happy and productive workspace at home.

Whether you’re planning to use your space to pay the bills or run your empire – here are our six steps to creating the perfect workspace at home:

1.Find a comfortable & supportive chair

Comfort is everything when it comes to both your health and your productivity in the workplace. Whether you’re working for one hour a day or 14, you need a comfortable and ergonomic chair. Here are a few things to look for when shopping for your office chair:

  • Lumbar support – This supports your lower back and prevents back strain.
  • Wheels – While many office chairs we see and love on Pinterest and in design magazines don’t have wheels – if you have hardwood floors, you may prefer your chair have this feature so you can move around comfortably.
  • Adjustable lever – Ideally, when you sit at your desk, your feet are flat on the floor, and your knees are at a 90-degree angle. An adjustable chair can help you achieve this comfortable position at your desk.

2. Eliminate distracting clutter

Filling your workspace with tchotchkes, pictures, sticky notes, awards, candles, etc. may brighten your day, but they can also be distracting. Save these things for other areas of your home and keep your workspace minimal and free of clutter. Too much clutter can cause unnecessary stress because while you’re trying to focus on a task, you also can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the need to clear up your space. Clutter can also hinder your creativity and slow you down as it makes it harder to find the things you need.

Lennar Atlanta work from home office ideas

3. Create a functional filing system

A filing system can help detract from the clutter and help you stay organized in work and life. While many Americans utilize online banking, bills, and digital filing systems – it’s always handy to have essential documents on physical file. This may also be a requirement for your job. To stay organized – create a filing system. Have separate dividers for each year, then break down each year into categories – mortgage statements, electric bills, car insurance, etc. While creating a filing system may feel daunting, having quick access to these critical documents will help save you time and stress in the future.

4. Let the light in

Studies show that “natural light is the best medicine for an office.” This study showed that employees who received optimal light saw a 10% decrease in drowsiness, a 2% increase in productivity, and reduced eye strain and headaches. So, if you want to increase your productivity and improve your health, wellness, and energy, make positioning your desk in a light-filled space in your home a priority.

5. Decorate for productivity

Your environment is essential to your health, happiness, and productivity – so don’t’ skimp on decorating your workspace! Color influences productivity, creativity, and mood, so we suggest starting by painting the walls in your workspace.

  • Yellow represents optimism and friendliness – if you work in customer service – this color will help to keep you positive.
  • Blue represents logic and efficiency – a great option if you require a lot of focus.
  • Green symbolizes balance and is the most comfortable color on the eyes – a green painted office can help if you tend to work long hours.

When decorating your office, consider greenery beyond just the color of the walls. Many studies show that plants can help reduce stress and improve productivity. One study found that a plant-filled office can increase productivity by up to 15%!

Lennar Atlanta work from home office ideas

6. Consider your needs

The perfect home workspace won’t be the same for everyone. Depending on the type of work you do – you may need a drawing board, multiple monitors, a standing desk, a sound system, etc. Consider the items you need to function effectively at home – do you need a printer? A scanner? A digital camera? Factor these items into how you work and always be prepared.

Creating a zen workspace in your home is simple and can greatly improve your day and work experience. A perfectly designed workspace can help you to be more productive, reduce stress, be more creative, positive, and overall a better employee, boss, or team member!

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