Celebrating Graduation in Quarantine

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Quarantine life is tough enough. The limitations of staying home have impacted every aspect of our daily lives. What’s more, as we pass milestones, they serve as stark reminders of everything we’re missing. With students primed to graduate, many of us are wondering how to mark the occasion. So, how do you go about celebrating graduation in quarantine?

Check out our top recommendations for making this graduation in quarantine a memorable event, here:

Decorate, Decorate, Decorate!

First things first, when celebrating graduation in quarantine – decorate your home. Channel your inner Bobby Berk and create a space that’s Instagram-worthy. If you’re a masterful crafter, you may want to make your own decorations. Of course, that route is not for everyone. Fortunately, you can find plenty of affordable “2020 grad!” decorations on Amazon that fit the bill.

Balloons are an absolute must. You can get a balloon and helium tank bundle online too, which ticks every box. Ahead of the celebrations, spend some time blowing up the balloons and anchoring them around your home and garden. Not only will these look incredible when you have your low-key celebration, but they’ll last for a week or two, serving as a reminder of the recent festivities.

If you’re a dedicated theme-enthusiast, this is your chance to take things up a notch. A quarantine-themed celebration is a once in a lifetime opportunity (God willing!) There are a variety of fitting decorations for this type of party available. For instance, you may want to get some caution tape or a ‘class of quarantine’ banner to mark this unusual end of a chapter.

celebrate graduations at home

Create a Video Tribute Compilation

It’s difficult to think that this momentous occasion will happen without the company of our nearest and dearest. Of course, you can plan an epic family soiree post-isolation, but until then, modern technology can bridge the physical gap.

Gather the extended family – aunts, uncles, second cousins, and so on— who want to share their warm wishes and congratulate the new graduate, in a digital space.

A video compilation of your nearest and dearest congratulating the graduate is something they’ll treasure forever. Request your tech-savvy family members to send over a 10-15 second clip of themselves wishing the graduate well and expressing their love. Then use a tool, such as the Clideo Video Compilation Maker, to splice the clips together in a longer video. You don’t need to be an expert videographer to put together a simple compilation video for the big event.

During the graduation celebrations, gather your household around the TV, or a portable projector, and hit ‘play.’ Keep the compilation a surprise in the lead-up to the event. The moment the graduate (and the rest of your household!) see familiar faces pop up on-screen, they’re sure to be overwhelmed with emotion. Watch their smiles spread from ear-to-ear.

Celebrate Al-Fresco

Celebrating graduation in quarantine doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stay inside. If the weather is nice, take this fiesta to your home’s outdoor space. For extra points, you can decorate your yard, set up a Bluetooth speaker, some string lights, and have a ball.

A buffet table featuring some of the graduate’s favorite food is sure to be a hit. Add a delicious graduation cake as the centerpiece, and your graduate will be sure to give you an A+. Pro tip: You can get unique graduation toppers from Etsy! If you’re struggling for food ideas, check out some buffet recipes online.

You may also want to host a BBQ instead! You don’t have to be the ultimate grill-master to get this right. Set up a dining table, get out the grill, and start making some tasty BBQ treats. From spicy chicken thighs to braised baby back ribs, there will be something to tickle every taste bud. Delicious!

Say Cheese!

Let’s be honest; it’s not a graduation celebration without pictures! Traditionally, graduates don their caps and gowns for photos outside their school. Since we all need to #StayHome this year, that scenario isn’t in the cards. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take a whole host of remarkable pictures at home.

Why not create your own whimsical photo booth for the occasion? Don’t panic – you don’t need to construct an entire booth. Instead, you can make an eye-catching backdrop in your home. Get creative with balloons, banners, and props. YouTube has plenty of tutorials sure to inspire, like this DIY flower wall video!

When you’ve perfected the backdrop, it’s time to think about props and accessories. Be sure to get a variety of options that fit the occasion. You might want to kick things off with a selfie sign and invest in some additional props, including a graduation 2020 frame, novelty glasses, and themed accessories. All of the above will help you take ultra-memorable pictures, even at home. Say ‘cheese’!

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