Ten Spooktacular Halloween Home Décor Ideas to Embrace the Season

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October 2018 – Fall is the start of the holiday season and with Halloween being the first festivity to kick it off, it’s the perfect way to get crafty, creative and have some fun with decorating your new home. Whether your style is chic, understated or down right spooky – tackle this list of decorative items to get into the holiday spirit.

  1. Pumpkins! Pumpkins! Pumpkins!

    Whether you want to go the traditional Jack-o-lantern route, decorate with all kinds of pumpkin sizes and styles or get creative with paint and glitter – there are infinite ways to incorporate this Halloween décor staple.

  2. Spirited Wreaths.

    You can purchase one and add your own zest to it, or tackle one of these innovative DIY ideas.

  3. Ghostly Lights.

    As the nights get longer and the evenings get dark earlier, it’s an invitation to decorate with lighting. You can even reuse the lights later for the upcoming holidays – but find a witchier way to present them for the month of October.

  4. Windows to Another Realm.

    Don’t forget the windows! From creepy, shadowy cutouts to spider webs and more, there are so many easy fun ways to greet the trick-or-treaters.

  5. Scary Sayings.

    A good pun delivers tricks that treat. Whether you string up a saying using garland, paint a phrase on a pumpkin or frame a spooky expression – it’s a great way to complement other décor.

  6. Terrorizing Treats.

    Talk about a Halloween party staple! The ideas are endless to choose from with options for culinary beginners to advanced chefs.

  7. Benevolent or Malevolent Scarecrows.

    There really are no rules, but oh so many ways to do it! Here are some fun examples, but you’ll probably find your own style while creating an original piece.

  8. What’s hanging from the ceiling?

    It’s an easy way to fill up the higher spaces and incredibly simple to make at home. From ghosts, to bats and witches riding broomsticks – pick your favorite Halloween character!

  9. Bewitching Games.

    We’ve all heard of bobbing for apples, but what about pumpkin bowling, pin the spider on the web or a mummy toilet paper relay race? This list of Halloween games offers fun ideas for both kids and adults alike.

  10. Creepy Costumes, of Course!

    While decorations are enjoyed all month long, Halloween is really all about the costume unveiling! Whether you decide to do something original, make your own version or pay for something impressive – plan early! Nobody likes a last minute costume rush.

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