3 reasons you should move to Charlotte – right now

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Year over year, Charlotte, North Carolina has been listed as one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Its location, size and housing market have been consistent draws for people considering moving, not to mention the continuous influx of jobs. But if you’re in need of a few more convincing factors that Charlotte is the place for you, keep these in mind:

BB&T Ballpark Charlotte.

You can successfully start your own business

It’s no secret that the small business sector of Charlotte is booming. According to a WalletHub survey of 150 cities, Charlotte was voted the #7 Best City to Start a Business In. From art to craft breweries to law offices, there is no short supply of privately owned businesses in the Queen City.

You won’t break the bank

In 2015, Forbes listed Charlotte as the #16 City Where a Paycheck Will Go the Furthest out of the major U.S. cities. The housing market is huge, allowing affordability and variability in locations and types of homes to live in. Gas prices are generally lower than the country average, and being on the South Carolina border is very convenient when oil prices rise. But don’t forget – you can still get a cup of coffee for less than $4.

You can easily raise a family

Charlotte is currently swarming with young professionals and retirees. However, in 2014 Charlotte was voted the #4 U.S. City Attracting the Most Families by a Forbes survey of the 52 biggest U.S. cities. Single family homes are spreading like wildfire in the suburban areas of the city, and there is a massive amount of recreation for all ages (i.e. U.S National Whitewater Center, Carowinds amusement park, Carolina Panthers football, Charlotte Knights baseball, and plenty of parks and greenways).

For more information on Charlotte’s rankings and accolades, visit the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce website: http://charlotte.global/index.php?submenu=Accolades&src=gendocs&ref=Rankings&category=Business_Profile

  1. January 24, 2017 Paul

    But no Zoo or a decent museum.

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  1. January 24, 2017 Paul

    But no Zoo or a decent museum.

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