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Lennar Charlotte

Find your new home from the comfort of your old one.

From books to cars to groceries, the digital buying experience has been growing exponentially through the years. You can essentially have your entire life delivered to your front door – and now, that front door can be bought online too. 

Frontrunners like Amazon, Carvana, eBay and Etsy have perfected the art of purchasing everything you might want or need from your computer. Lennar is now perfecting that same art, but for the homebuying experience. Seems impossible, right? Not with Lennar!

As technology and website functions have improved, so have the tools available to make virtual homebuying a reality. Lennar’s Internet Sales Consultants (ISCs) work together via phone, online chat and email to guide you through all the steps you need to take to buy a home online – from start to finish. Through these digital communication outlets, our ISCs can help you view floorplans, get pre-qualified for a loan with Eagle Home Mortgage, find available homesites in the area of town you want, and even set up a virtual visit with an onsite New Home Consultant (NHC). There’s no need to travel cross-city, cross-state or even cross-country to find your dream home here!

Lennar Charlotte virtual homebuying

It is common in real estate today to set up initial visits with an on-site NHC using FaceTime, Skype or other live streaming services. “We have customers all over the country. We often use our phones to show them the progress on their new home or help them confirm color sections,” said LeeAnn Wong, New Home Consultant for Lennar Charlotte.

These virtual visits can start with simply meeting your NHC but can also help in giving you a tour of fully furnished models, completed inventory homes or even available unbuilt homesites. And when the time is right, your NHC can also select your homesite and execute a Purchase Agreement with you all online, through programming tools like DocuSign and SalesForce. No more bank visits for loans, messy signatures on too many pieces of paperwork, or navigating your brand new car through an active construction site. At the click of a button, you’re now able to purchase your dream home with Lennar!

Reach out to one of our ISCs today or visit and see for yourself how easy the digital homebuying experience can be. 

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