11 Potluck Tips That Will Make Your Party a Success

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August is here and we want to help you soak up every last bit of summer! This article from Better Homes & Gardens gives you 11 ways to make a Potluck Party a success. The best part? You don’t have to spend all day in the kitchen – with everyone pitching in, the party will come together in no time!

Everyone loves a good potluck. It’s full of surprises, keeps costs low, and makes for an eclectic and memorable meal. But a potluck can also be riddled with some unlucky side effects. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 11 potluck tips and best practices so you can avoid potluck fails at all costs! Check them out right now and start planning your next potluck today:

1. Assign Guests Categories of Food

This is arguably the most important potluck tip. A potluck is inherently fun due to its spontaneous nature. But when you’re planning a full party, you want a full meal, too! That means you don’t want repeated foods or missing food groups. At your next potluck, assign guests categories of food to work with so you don’t end up with only bags of chips or bakery cookies. Try a simple sign up sheet that you can email around to everyone. Because multiple bags of chips and cookies isn’t our idea of a very lucky potluck!

2. Make Sure You Have Enough Drinks

Don’t get caught running low on the drink flow at your next potluck! Make sure you have enough booze stocked up by using our party drink calculator to figure out just how much is enough!

3. Bring Food that Travels Easily

Nobody likes sloppy seconds. The last thing you want is a soup sloshing about in the back of your car on the way to your potluck. We recommend opting for transportable meals like casseroles, slow cooker recipes, and the like over messy platter of food. Check out these fall slow cooker recipes and bring one to your next potluck (intact!). TIP: You can always plate individually on-premise when you arrive!

4. Pack Food In Ready-to-Serve Containers

Pack food in containers that can go straight to the buffet table. It can be as simple as using disposable foil trays. That way you’re not an imposition to your host, and you don’t have to dirty their dishes. Just remember to bring them home with you!

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