4 Things to Do Now That the Summer Soccer Frenzy is Over

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The end of the summer soccer frenzy that takes over the world every four years leaves us feeling a bit bereft: we want more! But whether our preferred team won or not, the greatest outcome from this world-renowned international soccer competition really has less to do with the final score and more with the camaraderie. It’s about having united with strangers rooting for the same team, enjoying meals and drinks in cheer-filled restaurants, and all the unforgettable memories created with family and friends. Now that the celebrations are ceasing, we miss the thrill of the game―and everything else that it entailed―but the fun doesn’t have to end. Exhilarating sport-filled months await us!

In August, national tennis and golf tournaments take place. Then fall brings us a whirlwind of sports as varied as the colors of the falling leaves. For American football lovers, the season begins in September, lasting until the highly awaited Big Game in February. And October marks the start of hockey, basketball, and baseball playoffs.

While we wait for these exciting competitive sports to kick off, you’ll find that Lennar’s Cascata at MiraLago is a fantastic community offering the amenities you need for the lifestyle you want. Ramp up daily excitement with the following four ideas:

1. Watch Something Else―Grand Clubhouse Style

With a grand, private clubhouse, Cascata at MiraLago has beautiful spaces for state-of-the-art gyms, spas, billiards room, party room, and the list goes on! Plan the ultimate watch party in luxury with gorgeous views of the sparkling swimming pool. Don’t forget the comfy essentials like fluffy blankets, must-have snacks, and most importantly: your favorite humans! Whether you choose to do a movie marathon or binge-watch a new top-rated show, it’ll be a day you won’t soon forget.

2. Make a Splash with a Summer Bash

What’s summer without a pool party? Spend the day surrounded by family and friends, soaking in the sunshine, and savoring delicious treats, like nutritious sandwiches and fresh fruit. Play games that everyone can participate in, like Marco Polo, volleyball, shark, and swimming races. And don’t forget about the Splash Park—your very own exclusive water park.

Adults can choose to either join in or lounge and relax. At Cascata, the resort-style pool with sundeck area and beach entry offers the perfect setup for unwinding! Or take a dip in the crystal-clear water for an invigorating splash of refreshment.

3. Embark on a New Sport Adventure

If you’re missing the thrill of sports, just jump into it yourself—and bring your kids along for the ride! With the children off from school, what better time than now to show them your secret tips and moves for playing your favorite sport? Spend quality time practicing the art of dribbling on the basketball court or explaining the proper way to hold a tennis racket on the tennis court. Prepare your child for track-and-field and/or cross-country by demonstrating sprinting techniques and running side-by-side along the idyllic lake.

4. Discover the Surrounding Treasures

While your stunning community has everything you need and more, just minutes away are some of Southeast Florida’s most charming gems. Visit the Seminole Casino for a chance to win your fortune (or at the very least, have fun!), or stimulate your mind with breathtaking gardens, unique sculptures, and a traditional Japanese tea ceremony at Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens. Get your blood pumping at indoor action venues, like SkyZone and Xtreme Action Park─featuring rope courses, bowling, and go-karting. For an inspiring outing, take a short ride to Deerfield Beach, the Everglades, or Butterfly World to admire, as well as learn about, Florida’s captivating wildlife.

With so many incredible days and nights to plan, you’ve probably won’t miss the soccer madness that took over the world this summer, so we’ll let you get to it. In fact, here’s a link to help you find your future home: LennarCascata.com. You’re welcome.

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