Fun, Affordable At-Home Summer Activities for Kids

Lennar Miami

Summer: that time of year when your popsicle melts the fastest, the grass is greenest, and the days are longest! All year long, kids look forward to being free from homework and playing until the sun goes down. For parents, however, keeping kids entertained at home without spending a fortune can be a real challenge.

Fret no more, mom and dad. Lennar’s got you covered.

With our broad range of community types and amenities, there are many fun ways to make the days go by as fast and sweet as a melting popsicle! Here are just three to get you started:

1. Intelligent Entertainment

The fun begins within your home. All of Lennar’s newest homes include Smart Home Technology with activation and support by Amazon and voice control by Alexa. Alexa proves to be quite the entertainer, offering myriad educational and recreational ways to pass the time. Just ask Alexa to:

  • “…open the magic door” for interactive stories
  • “…ask ditty to make a fast song” to turn anything you say into a song
  • “…launch spelling bee” to practice spelling
  • “…ask math mania to play” to improve math skills
  • “…ask superheroes who __ is” and fill in the blank with your favorite superhero to get cool facts
  • “…open knock-knock,” “twenty questions,” or “play would you rather” to play some games

2. A Neighborly Scavenger Hunt

Tripling as an enjoyable, educational, and physical experience, a thrilling scavenger hunt is an easy, low-cost activity your kids will love. Simply gather some slips of paper, a grand prize, and most importantly, your thinking cap. To set up a scavenger hunt, just brainstorm hiding spots, corresponding hints, and a theme.

Lennar communities are the perfect settings for scavenger hunts since they’re lush with diverse amenities like parks, swimming pools, lakes, trails, and more! For example, Satori, a zen-inspired community, is ideal for a natural scavenger hunt, where your children can search for environmental items such as leaves, birds, water, rocks, etc.

Another option is to provide a list of colors and ask them to find a specific number of items for each. Some fun colors are aquamarine, the beautiful shade of swimming pools; yellow or orange, a common hue found on the bright and exciting playgrounds; or green, the vibrant pigment of healthy landscaping. For even more inspiration, refer to your children’s favorite stories, movies, or toys!

3. An Aquatic Adventure

Two words: swimming pool.

There’s nothing like taking a dip in a cool swimming pool on a hot summer day. Have exciting, splash-filled fun playing Marco Polo, volleyball, or taking turns lounging on a tube float. Whatever you do, being immersed in clear, glittering water adds sparkle to life.

Cue the instant relaxation and refreshment. Can it get any better? Why, yes, yes it can.

Aquatic fun goes to another level with amazing kids’ splash parks, available in some communities, such as AquaBella. Water slides, geysers, and water falls are just some of the thrilling features which will keep children happily entertained for hours on end.

Time to do a little sunbathing? Our luxurious pools offer striking sundeck areas with comfortable lounge chairs, cabanas, and tropical greenery.

Living in a Lennar community, you’ll experience exceptional quality inside and outside your home, as well as ample opportunities for making beautiful summer memories with the children. With condominiums, villas, townhomes, and single-family homes-and accessible pricing starting in the low $200s, we have the home you and your family will enjoy day in and day out. Start living in your dream today.

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