How Lennar Makes Football Season Even Better

Lennar Miami

Football season is back! The long-awaited sports season has begun and brings with it the thrill of a return-turned-touchdown, delicious sports bar bites, and many, many hours spent celebrating with family and friends in front of the TV. But how does it get better than that (besides when the team we’re cheering for wins)? We’re about to tell you, so put your favorite team’s jersey on, grab the hot wings, and find out how you can make football season feel like an ongoing touchdown:

1. Host the Ultimate Football Party

Whether it’s in one of Lennar’s grand clubhouses, rooftop terraces, or in your home, there are various necessities for having the best football-watching gathering. Of course, the #1 priority is the football, right? So it’s crucial that TV malfunctions be gone! Many Lennar homes include Amazon Alexa, which can connect to Bluetooth speakers and smart TVs, providing a quick and simple way to adjust the volume and change the channel without any complications.

Plus, Lennar homes boast the very first Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Home Design—meaning you can stream from anywhere. Yes, even the bathroom! So you don’t have to miss a single play.

Another game-viewing must-have: FOOD! While numerous finger foods–like chips and guacamole, pizza, wings, and cookies–are options that leave people cheering, you can get creative with minimum effort. Try using football-shaped cookie cutters to elevate already-yummy cookies, serve mixed drinks using your preferred team’s colors, or even make your own DIY soda-can field posts to decorate the snack table with some vibrant paint and a hot glue gun! 

Pro tip: if you can’t host your own party or attend someone else’s and have to miss the game, just ask Alexa to record it on DVR for you, so you can watch it afterwards!

2. Practice Your Quarterback Passes

Game days are great, but there’s no need to stop the celebrations there! Various Lennar communities offer open green spaces for you to admire nature and engage in exercise–and that includes playing football! Take advantage of fall’s cool weather and spend some time tossing the football outside. Practice your interceptions, punts, blocks, tackles–whatever your inner professional player desires! You can even go as far as planning your own football scrimmage with friends and family. And on those hotter-than-normal days, cool off deliciously after a game in one of Lennar’s beautiful pools.

3. Make a New Football Buddy

Sports can often bring people together and even result in friendships forming! A Lennar community that’s in the center of it all, Urbana, is located in the heart of Doral and surrounded by exciting places to watch football games and eat scrumptious food. For a laid-back sports setting, try Miller’s Ale House, Hooters, or Flanigan’s Seafood Bar and Grill. A family-and-sports-friendly restaurant, Kings Dining & Entertainment, features arcade games, bowling, and has TVs everywhere, perfect for game-watching with the kids. And for those nights when it’s just mom and dad, try MIA Brewery, offering a beer garden and serving an array of craft beers. Don’t fret if you’re not in Doral, Miami is teeming with lively entertainment and dining venues, just waiting for you to walk in and meet your next football pal.

Now that we’ve given you all these ideas, you probably won’t even finish reading this post, so we’ll end it quickly!


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