Inviting the Outdoors Into Your Home

Lennar Miami

As Earth Day came and went on April 22, homeowners in Southeast Florida made sure to bring the great outdoors into their Lennar homes—through the ease of houseplants! Adding color and chic style to your living room or kitchen, these potted friends can also greatly improve the quality of the air in your home. Whether you have a sunny windowsill, bare corner, or even an expansive skyview terrace, balcony, or patio, plants will enhance the quality of your home life in every way.

With homes featuring bright, sun-filled interiors, ample space, and a blank canvas for your to complete your interior design masterpiece, a Lennar home is the perfect place to practice your houseplant decorating skills.

Homeowners can make living in their new Lennar home even better by strategically placing houseplants inside. Here’s a more detailed look at the benefits to expect:

  • Windowsills are ideal for short succulents that require little water. For tall plants, like fig trees, Lennar’s expansive open-concept family and living room layouts offer the perfect spaces. With various textures and colors, plants can provide an additional facet of natural beauty, adding the finishing touch to a dream home.
  • Choosing the right option for each room can also provide a wide array of health benefits, as plants continuously filter indoor air and improve its overall quality. For example, orchids and bromeliads continue to release oxygen at night, promoting more restful sleep in the bedroom. Lennar’s deluxe master suites featuring coffered ceilings are elegant backdrops for these flowers. Philodendrons, bright green plants that absorb chemicals found in paint thinner and gasoline, can be placed by covered entries, foyers, or the garage entrances. And aloe vera, an evergreen perennial, provides a soothing gel that can be directly harvested from even a small plant and used to soothe a sunburn. Set these on the kitchen counter or on your island for handy convenience.
  • Though many believe that only pets, such as dogs and cats, can improve mental health, caring for plants can also have similar effects, providing a sense of tranquility, happiness, and promoting a spiritual connection with living things.

Whether in your townhome at Landmark or single-family home at Satori– among many other Lennar communities- incorporating plants into your new home will be a perfect complement. There’s simply no better way to show your appreciation for Mother Nature than by inviting these new guests into your home.

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