Ready or Not, It’s Back-to-School!

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3 Ways Your Lennar Home Can Smooth the Transition

Summer’s easy fun and carefree days are coming to an end and now the busy routine of a new school year is beginning. But no worries, you can ease any back-to-school-blues with a little bit of planning, especially when you live in a Lennar home! We design our homes to enhance lives, and many of our communities offer the kinds of amenities you would find in a luxury resort. Here are 3 easy tips to inject excitement in your daily living and make the transition to school easier—for the whole family!


1. Experience a daily taste of summer.


There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy some of your favorite summertime fun every day. The trick is to pick an activity that fits within the amount of time your family can realistically spare.

For example, if you have an hour after school, you could take the family to your clubhouse and dive into the sparkling pool for some swimming and splashing. You can even take a packed picnic for a bite of dinner al fresco!

If playing sports is your preference, many of our communities have basketball and tennis courts. A couple of vigorous games will get your blood pumping and clear the mind, enabling greater focus on any homework assignments that may have to be tackled later!

When time is very limited, a quick family bike ride can provide the perfect combination of exercise and leisure. You may only have 10 minutes but that’s enough to amp up endorphins and make everybody feel good about their day. Most Lennar communities showcase scenic lakes, full of herons, ducks and turtles, which also make cycling a visual adventure.

While choosing a leisure activity depends on your family’s unique preferences, the important thing is to keep memories of summer alive and to make every day enjoyable!


2. Make study-time engaging.


New Lennar Homes feature Smart Home Technology with activation and support by Amazon and voice control by Alexa. This means that you may have a built-in Mary Poppins of sorts, a combination tutor, governess, and assistant that can lift learning to exciting new levels!

Any questions the kids encounter as they do their schoolwork can be addressed to Alexa–including definitions of unknown words, subject-matter clarifications, historical contexts, and much more–freeing you up to get dinner ready or catch up on work of your own. By way of rewards, when homework is wrapped up, Alexa can play games such as Jeopardy, Deal or No Deal, and other family favorites.

You may also consider setting up a dedicated study area in the Family Room or other part of the home, equipped with a communal table and engaging STEAM tools–from crayons and building blocks, to magnets and models–for exciting side-by-side, hands-on learning. Lennar’s expansive floorplans readily accommodate these spaces, which children love and make study-time very cool.


3. Discover a new hobby or activity.


In the summertime, we tend to be open to trying new things, but unfortunately, that adventurous spirit sometimes takes leave for the rest of the year! And yet novelty is one of life’s best spices, especially when the whole family is in on the new discovery!

Many different opportunities for exploration are available in Lennar communities, starting with something as simple as learning about nature with a dedicated Nature Kit.  These usually include colorful books, full of tips on what to look for, insect nets, plant presses, and binoculars. With lush landscaping and frequent water features, such as lakes, your Lennar community is the perfect backdrop for these forays.

Speaking of lakes, some of our communities have piers and facilities for kayaking and other small boat fun. Consider getting such a vessel for your family; you may even want to try your hand at a little mock fishing, throwing back anything that is caught.

Look into classes your community may offer, such as yoga. If you have slightly older kids, they may be surprised to discover the sense of Zen they derive from this beloved exercise. You can also bring classes directly into your home, hiring a tutor that can teach the family how to play a certain instrument, paint, do scrap-booking, or anything that interests you.

There are infinite ways to get over the back-to-school hump and keep adventure alive month after month! Chances are, many of them are available right in your Lennar community. So enjoy, and here’s to a great school year!

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