3 Ways You Can Defeat Fall Allergies In Your Home

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Rounding the corner of the year into September, it’s no secret that seasonal allergies will either begin to abate or, for others, simply worsen. And with ragweed, dust, pollen, and mold as prevalent as it is, the question of how to effectively battle one’s fall allergies may be recurring enough to keep you up at night! (Well, that and the sneezing.)

Of course, rather than trying to treat you and your family’s allergy and asthma symptoms as they arise, the best strategy for tackling your fall sniffles is actually to reduce your overall exposure to allergens. And while you might not be able to completely mitigate your exposure while out in the classroom or at the office, you can absolutely move in the direction of allergy-proofing your home! Here are three easy steps you can take today:

  1. Avoid Bringing Allergens Inside
    Not bringing pollen or other particles into your home is step one in trying to reduce your overall indoor allergen levels. By checking your shoes at the door, you can stop allergens where they are and hopefully keep from tracking them further into your home. If you’ve spent a fair amount of time outdoors, also be mindful to remove and change your clothes, as well as take a shower. That way, any remaining allergens on your body or in your hair will go down the drain and not into the air.
  2. Invest In A HEPA Filter
    HEPA stands for “high-efficiency particulate air,” and these filters are made of a fine mesh that is specifically designed to trap small particles. Pet dander, pollen, and dust mites won’t be able to make it through this filter, effectively reducing the number of airborne allergens in circulation around your home and in your HVAC system. Most stores carry HEPA filters, and a quick online search will help you settle on the one that is best suited to your home. Many vacuums also come with HEPA filters installed, making for a more impactful cleaning regimen.
  3. From Windows to Floors
    Checking into the house itself is also an ideal means of defeating your allergies at home. Start with your windows and doors. Be sure to keep them closed when pollen counts are at their highest, and check for any cracks or leaks that may permit air and stray outdoor allergens to inadvertently sneak their way in. Additionally, opting for hardwood or tile flooring over carpeting will make it easier to prevent allergens from being trapped in soft material all throughout the house. But if you do have carpeting, be sure to vacuum regularly and shampoo the carpet itself if necessary.

In all, there are plenty of ways you can keep your allergies at bay, aside from taking your daily dose of allergy medicine. It’s all in the small details, which are entirely manageable when you take the time to tackle them one by one!

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