How to add color to your kitchen this Spring

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Add Bold Window Treatments

A new window treatment is a fast way to add a new look to a kitchen. Add a window treatment with a bold color, and your kitchen is immediately brighter than before. When picking a new shade for window treatments it is best to choose an accent color that is already prominent in the room. Such as a bright red mixer, or a green backsplash tile. If you don’t already have an accent color, pick one out and start with the window treatments!

Paint an Accent Wall

The most noticeable part of a room— the walls! If you are already head-over-heels for the color in your kitchen, pick just one wall, or section of a wall, and add a pop of color to it!  Accent wall colors will pair well with colors in area rugs, artwork, and furniture pieces. When choosing a bold color for a wall, consider the feeling you want to give off in the room. Bright colors tend to feel social and energetic, rather than relaxing and quiet like that of dark colors.

Revamp Seating

Switching out stools or chairs can completely change the feel of a room. If you don’t want to get rid of your current seating, opt for spiffing up existing chairs. Painting chairs and stools is a cheap and easy way to change the look of a room, especially if you choose a bold paint. If you own vintage chairs you don’t want ruined, add colorful slipcovers or cushions to create pops of color instead.

Utilize Open Shelving

If you have open shelves in your kitchen, utilize that space for adding bright and colorful kitchenware and trinkets. If you don’t have any open shelving installed, add a few small open shelves in the nooks and crannies of your kitchen or dining room. If you don’t have any wall space to give up, colorful spice racks work well under cabinets.

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