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Tis’ the season to start freaking out about how we’re going to pull off all the holiday magic we seem to find a way to pull off every year.  It’s not the lions, tigers and bears that have us crying “oh my!”, it’s the presents, parties and prep that have us looking for a wizard to magically make our holidays happy.  Unfortunately for those of us without access to Hollywood producer-sized budgets or armies of caterers, designers and executive assistants to do our bidding, we have to do the best we can with the time and money we’ve got.

Well, Lennar is happy to be your holiday elves for you this year, giving you some help with a couple fun tips to make your home a beacon of happy memories for many holly jolly holiday seasons to come!

Holiday Cookie Exchange.  Nothing like a bunch of cookies to get you in the festive mood.  Ask friends or family you’re having over for a get together this year to try their hand at baking up some fresh and fun cookies.  These days, you can find a DIY video online for virtually anything, from lasers to brick pizza ovens.  Even the least experienced baker in your bunch can find a how-to video on how to make their favorite cookie and bring a batch to share with the crew.  Plus you get the bonus of the seasoned veteran cookie champs who only know how to make delicious dessert treats.  It’s a holiday win-win!

DIY Ornaments.  Sticking with the “handmade with love” theme, why not set out some crafty goodies and let everyone make their own ornaments to swap and share.  Of course, a festive bottle or two of wine may make it a little more fun for the adults in the group, and you’ll have something to hang on the tree to help you remember the fun you had the year before.

These are just a couple fun and festive holiday ideas for you to try at your next party.  Taking advantage of the comfort and space in your Lennar home can make the holidays a lot more fun and a lot less stressful.  Here’s to you and a happy, healthy 2017!

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