Lennar Jacksonville shares gratitude this Thanksgiving season

Lennar Jackonsville

It’s that time of year again for putting some perspective on our day-to-day life and taking stock of all the things that we are thankful for.  And we have to be honest: this year we all have A LOT to be thankful for.  So many great things have happened for us this year, and we’re wondering about what great things have come to pass for you.  Maybe you just got married and decided that you’re going to share a home together.  Perhaps you’ve both come to the conclusion that you’d like to settle down and have kids.  Maybe you’re even celebrating the birth of your first child or the addition of another.

Whatever your unique set of circumstances may be, Thanksgiving signifies the beginning of the holiday season, and the holidays are all about family.  Sure, you’ve got your favorites; your brother from out of town that you can’t seem to see enough of (he always brings the best gift), your quirky Aunt Peggy (how many monogrammed cardigans can one person own?), and even your Grandpa Jim (and his often times hilariously inappropriate jokes) all make up your own family dynamic.  Sometimes they get on your nerves.  Sometimes time passes too quickly, and the reality sets in: you won’t see them again for another year.  The holidays are all about gathering together, reflecting on moments gone by, and creating new ones together because you’re a family.

This year, all of us at Lennar Jacksonville are thinking about all the things we are thankful for, and we ask you to think about who & what you are thankful for as well.  Maybe someone close to you survived a bout with cancer.  Maybe your nephew just got accepted into a prestigious school on a scholarship, or maybe someone in the family just got a promotion.  Think long and hard and reflect upon what you’re grateful for.  There’s no warmer feeling in the world than genuine gratitude and recognizing those around you for the amazing people that they are.  So until next time, Jacksonville….Pass the turkey!

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