Meeting the Demand for Luxury Townhomes

Lennar Jacksonville

With the rise and expansion of modern townhomes in the housing market comes a greater demand for the same sense of luxury that one might obtain living in a stand-alone home. After all, why should your home amenities be any less modern just because your property is attached to another’s?

Particularly in areas that are perfectly suited to hosting large volumes of families, the need for townhomes that go above and beyond is greater now than ever before. And Lennar has risen to the call, constructing an impressive array of luxury townhome communities across the greater Jacksonville and St. Augustine market.

Looking Inward: Finding Luxury At Home

Lennar believes that luxury begins at home and is reimagined every morning, which is why our homes were designed with your comfort in mind with regard to both space and amenities. In fact, all of our luxury townhomes, such as with Atlantic Beach Preserve and Spartina Cove, feature spacious layouts with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as quartz countertops, wood-inspired tile flooring, and all stainless steel appliances.

But we also understand that your home is more than just an aesthetically attractive space — it needs to function in favor of your unique lifestyle and support your overall family culture. That’s why our models also take the extra step in terms of energy efficiency and money-saving features, thereby allowing you to live without compromise and enabling you to allocate other funds toward the things that bring your family the most joy.

And when you throw in maintenance-free living and our Everything’s Included® townhome features, you’ll find it difficult to describe your Lennar townhome with any other word but “luxurious.”

Looking Outward: Luxurious Community, Luxurious Location

When you enter a Lennar townhome community, you don’t just get new neighbors — you’ll find yourself surrounded by trusted community members who elevate your home experience and provide ample opportunities to connect and unwind in a safe, secure, and warm neighborhood environment.

But we believe a quality community also provides for your recreational needs, be it social, entertainment, or outdoor-related. That’s why all of our townhomes feature their own unique community amenities, such as Red Hawk Village’s cabana, swimming pool, pond, and more.

Finally, every family deserves the opportunity to explore; to inspire their children, participate in the greater First Coast community, and further cultivate the family memories that are bound to last a lifetime. And that’s why we don’t just define our luxury townhomes based on what’s inside, but on what nearby opportunities we can present to you.

All of our townhomes were built to provide you and your family easy access to nearby destinations, such as with our Pottsburg Pointe townhome community, which is near the beaches, Downtown Jacksonville, the Pier, the Jacksonville International Airport, and more.

So, are you ready to enhance your family’s home life and embrace the luxurious lifestyle of a Lennar townhome? Because we’re ready for you! Simply contact Lennar today to learn more about our home features and find the community that is best suited to your family’s needs and desires.

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