10 Reasons to Love a Brand New Home

Lennar Southeast Florida

Are you thinking about buying a brand new home? There are many reasons why homebuyers prefer the sweet smell of a newly constructed home to the issues that come with a used home. Check out the top ten reasons why you’ll love living in a brand new Lennar home:

  1. Lower Maintenance Costs. Used homes usually require a higher cost of maintenance than new homes. It can be quite expensive to maintain old appliances, dirty flooring and broken fixtures – not to mention the time, effort and frustration it will cost you. New Lennar homes are less likely to give you problems, and they come with warranties for peace of mind.
  1. Modern Features.  From flowing design and attractive colors to the latest countertop and cabinet trends, new homes offer modern style and furnishings. Your new Lennar home will feel updated and fresh, and you won’t have to live with outdated features like popcorn ceilings or olive green appliances.
  1. Eco-Friendly Appeal. It’s easier to live a sustainable lifestyle in new homes, which are equipped with energy-efficient features and appliances – and you’ll also save money on heating and cooling costs. Carpets and paint in new homes contain fewer volatile organic compounds, and air conditioners use coolants that are environmentally friendly.
  1. Customization. When you move into a new Lennar home, you’re never stuck with someone else’s idea of style, like green bedroom carpet or obnoxious kitchen wallpaper. All of Lennar’s exclusive communities feature the famed “Everything’s Included” package, allowing you to personalize your new home with thousands of dollars in upgrades and features.
  1. Safety. Built to meet modern construction standards, new homes provide a safer living space for you and your family. New homes are outfitted with numerous safety-promoting elements, like high-efficiency furnaces, state-of-the-art circuit breakers and optional alarm systems.
  1. No Renovations. Renovations are dusty, dirty, and time consuming – and they almost always cost more than you think they will. When you move into a used home, there’s always something that you want to change. With a new Lennar home, you won’t have to renovate the space to meet your standards.
  1. Community and amenities. Your family will quickly fall head over heels in love with Lennar’s enchanting resort-style living offered at each of the leading homebuilder’s master-planned communities, with many offering grand amenities such as community clubhouses, pristine pools, children’s water park play areas, fitness centers, basketball and tennis courts and so much more!
  1. Health. Featuring the latest air filtration and ventilation systems, new homes offer a higher level of indoor air quality. You’ll breathe easier in a brand new Lennar home.
  1. Advanced Design & Technology. Today’s homebuyers want open floor plans, walk-in closets, and high ceilings – and it can be hard to find these features in used homes. Enjoy modern design and the latest technology when you live in a new Lennar home.
  2. You’re #1. Nothing compares to the feeling of being the very first person to live in a brand new home. Like wearing a new dress or driving a new car off the lot, it’s an incredible feeling.
Imagine yourself in a new Lennar home
Imagine yourself in a new Lennar home

Do you want to know more about living in a brand new home? Please make an appointment to visit Lennar’s Welcome Home Center today.

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