A day in the life of a Lennar kid!

Lennar Southeast Florida

Hi! My name is Sam and I’m eight years old. I live in a townhome in an awesome place named AquaBella, which really feels more like a vacation than home most days! It has two pools, a humongous lake, and I even get my own room, which means I don’t have to share with my little brother Tommy anymore. When mom showed me the new home when she bought it, she said it’s part of what they call the Blossom collection here – it has two floors, lots of space, a garage, and… oh… that’s mom calling now… coming!

I head downstairs and mom’s waiting for me with my favorite breakfast: chocolate pancakes and scrambled eggs… sweet! Sometimes we eat outside and watch the birds on our patio, but today, mom wants us to eat at the table, so I help her set up the plates. Lately I keep hearing her talk to my Aunt Maria on the phone about how Everything’s Included® in AquaBella, and she didn’t have to buy a new fridge or redo the counters like the last time we moved. I wasn’t supposed to hear this, but she even said that now, we might be able to take a trip to Disney World this year!

The coolest part of our new home is, it’s smart! We have this machine and, I know it sounds crazy, but my dad tells me there’s a little woman named Alexa who got shrunk by aliens and lives in there. I’m pretty sure Alexa is the smartest lady in the world, I can ask her almost anything and she knows so fast!

Hey Alexa, how long does it take to get to the moon?

And, she just tells me. It’s crazy. Alexa knows way more than mom and dad, that’s for sure, and they’re “supposably” adults.

Dad says his favorite part of living here is our Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ home design, which means he can make it colder or hotter from his phone without mom noticing. She’s always cold and he’s always hot, so he tries to be sneaky about it. I actually need to learn how that works so I can change the temperature back for her. After all, she’s the one who makes my chocolate pancakes!

Even though I wish I could stay home all day, I can’t wait to see my friend Lucy at school today. She lives in another really cool home at a place called Siena Estates, but hers is ‘specially awesome because her grandparents get to stay with her all year long! Her mom and dad work a lot, so they need help with taking Lucy home from school most days, so they made sure the home was big enough for everybody. The last time I went over after school, Lucy showed me their part of the home. It’s called a Next Gen® suite (almost like they have a mini home inside Lucy’s) with their own kitchen, living room, and two gigantic rooms. Lucy says she likes to sleep in there sometimes so she can be the first one to eat grandma’s biscuits in the morning, and sneak one into her backpack for me, too!

As much as seeing Lucy’s home is fun, I think she usually likes coming to mine more, because we can go to the awesome clubhouse by the lake and play. On the days Tommy picks the activity, we go to the tot lot, but today it’s my turn to choose, so we’re going to the kid’s water park. None of my friends have this at their home, which makes me feel pretty special that my parents moved us here. Have you ever gotten soaked by a bunch of tipping buckets? It’s the best feeling ever! Once my fingers get too pruny, I like to watch the ducks and search for lizards (I’m this close to catching my very first one!) before we go back home.

On the weekends, we like to visit my Uncle Roger. He lives in Urbana and his home has four floors, plus his own elevator! How COOL is that! There’s even a media room so me and my cousins can play video games and watch movies while the adults go talk on the balcony – sounds boring to me, but they really do love to talk.Urbana has a big clubhouse too, so Uncle Roger always takes us to play in the pool while aunt Maria and my mom go to the exercise room. I just looove jumping into the pool and racing my cousins – I usually win! – and, if it’s too hot outside, we play Horse in the basketball court inside the clubhouse (I usually win that too!)

My life’s pretty good, I’ve got everything I wished for! And, ever since we moved, mom and dad seem happier, too. They love these Lennar people, whoever they are. I guess they’re a big deal around here because even my neighbors talk about them, and Lucy’s neighbors, too. Maybe one day, I’ll get to meet them and…oops, mom’s calling again… it’s bedtime! Gotta go!

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