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Lennar Southeast Florida

Buying a home that you can proudly call your own is a quintessential part of the American Dream. Homeownership provides numerous benefits, from financial incentives to that intangible feeling of freedom and success. Discover the top benefits of homeownership, and then visit a Lennar community to take the first step on the path to your future as a new homeowner!

Lennar home in Southeast Florida
Lennar home in Southeast Florida
  1. Homeownership builds wealth through equity. Equity is the improved value of your home over time, after the cost of the mortgage is deducted. With every monthly payment that you make, you’ll be increasing your degree of ownership in your home. Your equity grows, and so does your net worth. In time, you’ll have the option to borrow against the equity in your home to use as you choose – a new business venture, college education for the kids, or dream vacation. Every mortgage payment is an investment in your future which will increase your wealth.
  1. Homeowners receive generous tax deductions from the IRS in most instances. Uncle Sam lets you deduct the cost of your property taxes as well as your mortgage loan interest from your annual tax return. For most people, this means thousands of dollars in savings. If you work from home, you may also deduct additional expenses for your home office and utilities. Ask your financial advisor for more information on tax deductions for homeowners.
  1. As a homeowner, you’ll enjoy the security of a stable monthly payment through the option of a fixed-rate mortgage. Today’s interest rates are at historic lows. With a fixed-rate mortgage, you’ll be protected from inflation with a stable interest rate that will never change during the loan term.
  1. Homeownership gives you the freedom to customize your living space. Our immediate surroundings can have an immense effect on our mood and state of mind. When we own our home, we have the freedom to personalize every room according to our tastes and needs. Paint the walls blue. Plant an herb garden on your patio. Savor the sweet feeling of autonomy that comes with being the king or queen of your castle, there’s no better feeling!
  1. Homeowners never have to deal with the landlord. When you rent, you’re paying someone else’s mortgage – and investing in someone else’s future. Buy a home, and you’ll be setting up a secure future for yourself, instead of for your landlord. You’ll never have to get someone else’s permission to make changes in your own home. It’s a powerful feeling to call all the shots, and not have to answer to anyone.
  1. You’ll live in a proud community of likeminded homeowners. As opposed to the come-and-go atmosphere of typical rental communities, neighborhoods of homeowners offer more stable lifestyle. You’ll feel more connected to your neighbors, and enjoy a true sense of belonging in a community that takes pride in itself.
  1. It’s easier to live an eco-friendly lifestyle when you own your home. New homes are equipped with a lot of energy-efficient features and appliances, which simplify our busy lifestyles. Today’s building codes enforce that homes are built with the utmost efficiency on the inside as well as the exterior of the home.

Are you ready to reap the benefits of homeownership firsthand? You deserve to experience this sweet slice of the American Dream – and with Lennar, buying a home is an easy, hassle-free experience. Please contact our experts today, and discover how you too can become a homeowner.

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