Finding the Perfect Family Dog for your New Home

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Having a furry four-legged friend is a sure way to turn your house into a home. If you’ve ever owned a dog, then you know well the joys of being a doggie-parent, and you likely also know the feeling of having your favorite new shoes nibbled.  The amount of joy you get from your pet usually equals the amount of time you invest in training and caring for them.  It’s been said that we can pick our friends, but we can’t pick our families.  A pet is a rare exception; they are a friend but also a family member (that we can pick)!  Here are four insightful questions to ask of your entire family before selecting the perfect dog.

  • How will your family share the responsibility?  Before you start looking for a dog, schedule a family meeting so everyone can weigh in on why they think having a dog is a great idea and how they each plan to contribute.
  • What are your motivations for getting a dog?  If your goal is protection you might look at a larger rescue dog or one that has been bred specifically for family protection. If on the other hand, you are looking for a baby that never grows up, there are tons of lap-size breeds to choose from.
  • What is the energy of your family?  If your family is always outdoors, walking, running and doing other group activities you might select an active puppy breed who will shine around groups of people and other dogs. On the other hand, if your family is more laid back, spending a lot of time indoors – think about a dog that is a few years older, or maybe a larger more relaxed breed who would love nothing more than to lay at your feet for a good tv show binge.
  • How much time do you have to spend with the dog? This is important, be realistic here and add up the time you spend at home (not sleeping).  If you are retired, work from home or stay home with young children, then a puppy might be the best bet – as they need almost constant care for the first few months.  If your family stays busy most of the time (and you aren’t planning on taking the dog with you) then a rescue dog who is 3-6 years old might relish the idea of being left home. 

Good luck with your quest to find the perfect family dog for your new home. For more interesting and exciting ways to make your house a home, check out Lennar’s Open Door Blog.

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