The Secret to Timeless Decorating – that you never tire of

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Spring is a time when interior designers, paint manufacturers and furniture retailers are showcasing the latest and greatest ideas and trends in interior design.  There are some big ideas and some small ideas in interior design this year, some are trendy in nature and some will stand the test of time.  The secret to timeliness decorating is committing to a core style which informs key pieces of the room (such as flooring, windows, paint and lighting), secondly infusing your personal life story into the space and then overlaying some fun and trendy features (that can be easily updated).

  • Committing to a core design “style family” allows you to showcase your uniqueness within the safety of some time-tested guidelines. Your style sets the stage and informs key design concepts such as: using metals vs. woods, the blending of textures and fabrics and combining colors and prints.  

One of the most popular styles is contemporary, this style reflects us those ideas and trends that are important to “us” “now”.  Our current contemporary trends show sensitivity toward environmentally friendly materials with a nod to urban tones and minimalization.  In contrast to a contemporary room, a traditional room features elements that have been rooted in historical design but are none the less influenced by current styles.

  • Infusing your personal story into the space is what makes your house a home. Between online inspiration and Pinterest, you can find the greatest ideas on how to creatively integrate your story into the décor of your room. You’ll find ideas on everything from creating unique photo art to refurbishing your grandmother’s curio cabinet. Have fun with it and make a statement.
  • Overlaying fun and trendy items will energize your space. Once you have committed to your major décor elements and you have infused your personal story throughout, now add a few fun and trendy items.  Trendy items are the new, flashy things that catch your eye when you are visiting the decorating blogs or showrooms.  When budgeting for things like furry orange pillows, purple stained-glass art or ornately printed window treatments, just remember to budget for a refresh in a few years and ensure that these items can be easily replaced without disrupting the flow of your room.

A fun way to keep your décor exciting without breaking the bank is to assign one seasonal wall that can be updated with a new piece of art and to select one table top that gets a new piece of glass or photo frame arrangement.  When you do your annual refresh, add pillows or other fabric items that support your new pieces and are in flow with your core design plan.

Enjoy the journey of making your house a home and have fun telling your story through interior design.  Check out Lennar’s Open Door Blog for more ideas on decorating your new home.  

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