There is Nothing Like a Good Neighbor

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It has been said that good neighbors can increase your property value and that in order to have a good neighbor, you must first BE a good neighbor.  In today’s fast-paced world with work and family commitments, by the time you get home, you may be tempted to close the door and escape from the rest of the world.  But don’t discount the enriching value that comes with the development of a solid neighborhood-tribe. Here are some unique ways to make your neighborhood connection count.

  • Remember Names – This is a pretty basic concept but starts with your closest ten neighbors. Make notes about their names and those of their children and pets.  If your community doesn’t already have a contact information list, start one.  
  • Start a Secret Gift Chain – Brand your community’s secret gift chain with the name of the community and buy the first gift.  A one-line explanation works best, such as:

“You have been chosen to be the next link in the Oakmont Gift Chain – we hope you won’t break it.  Buy a home-related gift for $25 or less and place it on the porch of a neighbor. Don’t forget to place a copy of the attached rules. Oh, and don’t be seen!”

  • Start or Join Your Neighborhood Facebook Page – If your neighborhood doesn’t already have a closed Facebook Page, start one. Then, contribute and encourage everyone to use it as a tool to share information and encourage connection.
  • Start a Monthly Dining Event – Set the schedule for the year and publish it via email with a sign-up link using a service like Sign Up Genius. Your club could be anything from an elaborate hosted dinner party to floating pot luck.  Select an event-style that matches the energy of your community.
  • Select a Neighborhood App – There are many social apps that can connect your neighborhood, but the trick is that your neighbors need to be on the SAME app for them to be most effective.  Work with your neighbors and community association to pick the app that is right for your tribe.  One of the most popular is Next Door – private social networking for your neighborhood.
  • Attend Homeowner Association Meetings – According to HOA-USA, there are over 351,000 homeowner associations in the United States and about 70% are managed by volunteers.  A well supported HOA team can provide leadership, oversight, security, and support to the communities in which they serve.
  • Pet Club – If your community has a park or a grassy common area, start a pet club to meet on Saturday mornings.  Invite the local pet store to provide information on new types of dog products (and samples).  Or invite a local dog trainer to give free demonstrations.

For more ways to build solid community connections in your neighborhood, check out Lennar’s Open Door Blog.

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