Why 1.8 Million Americans Have Gone Solar

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Since 2008, an increasing number of solar panels have started appearing on the rooftops of (all types) of American homes.  The cost of “going solar” is coming down at the same time more Americans are showing a concern for environmentally friendly and cost-effective options over traditional power.  The increase in solar use is due in part to the Solar Energy Technologies Office’s (SETO) investments which establishes subsidies for adaptation of solar energy as well as incentives for research and development of new technologies.  In 2011 SETO launched the SunShot Initiative with the objective of making solar electricity costs competitive with other generation sources by 2020, without subsidies. 

According to the Solar Industries Association (SIA), over 1.8 million US households have gone solar. If you are considering joining them by adding a solar energy system to your home, you’ll find there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Here are some helpful resources and interesting facts:

While there is growing national interest in ‘going solar’ some states have higher adaptation rates typically related to geography, weather and financial incentives. No surprise that Florida is ranked in the top ten states for solar power installations – and especially in sunny Orlando.  In fact, Lennar Orlando rolled out their first solar community in 2016 when they put a new spin on eco-friendly with the grand opening of Innovation Estates at Storey Park.  

Wherever you call home and whenever you are in your going-green journey, we hope you will take a good look at the benefits of going solar.  And, check out Lennar’s Open Door Blog for more ways to make your house your home.

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