Why Working Parents Benefit from a Smart Home

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Are you spending too much time at work waiting for your kids to let you know they’re safely home from school? Do you wonder what they’re doing while unsupervised? Or maybe you forgot to lock up before dropping the kids at school and heading to work. Enter the smart home. Though existing homes were not designed for today’s connected world, some new home builders are embracing smart homes by integrating the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Home Design program founded by the Wi-Fi Alliance, a non-profit organization that’s standardizing connectivity. Ease your working parent anxieties by turning your smart home into your own personal assistant.

Your Peace of Mind

You may be a parent to one of the 7 million children out of 38 million children ages 5 to 14 who the most recent U.S. Census report says are regularly left home alone. If so, a smart home gives you plenty of remote parental control and peace of mind. A Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Home Design lets you keep an eye on your tweens and teens from afar or limit access with door codes and remote sensors. If your child needs emergency medical care, you can also remotely dispatch help as soon as possible.

Your Personal Doorman

A smart home lets you know who goes in and out of your home. Use your devices to keep tabs on the comings and goings of tutors, caregivers, babysitters and nannies or other service providers while your child is home. A smart home’s video surveillance system keeps watch, letting you view remotely.

Your Personal Housekeeper

A smart home assists you with cooking and cleaning tasks so you don’t have to be interrupted while helping your kids with homework. Just ask Alexa, part of the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Home Design program, to turn on lights or close the shades so you don’t have to multitask.

Your Personal Locksmith

A smart home forgives you if you forget to lock up on busy mornings. From work or car, rest assured that with the click of your smartphone, your Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Home Design smart home is locked up and snug as a bug. Or, unlock it from afar if your kids forgot their keys or code.

Your Personal Money Manager

A smart home keeps your thermostats in check while you’re away. Kids love keeping the heat high during the winter and the air conditioner blasting during summer. Now you can remotely monitor thermostats and turn down those energy bills.

Your Personal IT Department

A Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Home Design connects wirelessly at every possible point and works from the second you enter your home. Because of its peak performance, it’s always ready for new technologies that come to market. No more setting up or keeping up with new networks. For that, you’ll have the happiest kids on the block.

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