Relieve Stress by Decluttering Your Home

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If you’ve been in your Lennar home a while now, the clutter may have begun to accumulate and feel overwhelming. But believe it or not, it’s still possible to get your home back in shape, just the way that you bought it.

With these 3 easy tips, your home will look brand new in no time!

Donate Extra Items to Charity

One way to de-clutter your home while also doing a good deed is to go through your items and see what can be donated. Items like clothing, gadgets and decorations can easily accumulate over the years and sometimes may be used only a few times before just taking up valuable space. Instead of throwing those items away, find a local non-profit organization that collect donations for a good cause.

You can also recycle certain items made of paper or plastic.

With either option, you can decrease the clutter of your home, reduce the stress it brings and know you’ve helped give back to the greater good.

Create A Schedule

Maybe you have more than just a few items that need to be sorted. Maybe there are several rooms in your home that need some work. No worries, just take a deep breath and create a schedule.

It might not be realistic for you to declutter your entire home in one day. However, how about decluttering one space at a time?

Figure out what works for your lifestyle and your schedule and coordinate accordingly. Start with the areas where you spend the most time and which are frequented the most by guests, i.e. the living room, kitchen, foyer, staircase, etc. After you’ve organized the main areas, prioritize, one by one, the bedrooms, bathrooms and other areas needing a refresher.

Reconsider Impulse Purchases

Whether we realize it or not, we are exposed to enormous amounts of marketing and solicitation on any given day. Be it a radio ad, television commercial, magazine cover or the logo on someone’s shirt, we are constantly marketed to. Sometimes the things that we are exposed to subconsciously influence us to buy on impulse.

How many items do you have lying around your house that you’ve only used once or twice? Getting out of this habit can simultaneously save money while also saving space in your home.

When shopping, make a list of the items that you know you are looking for and are prepared to buy. When you are distracted by something that is not on that list, think about its purpose and consider if it is a true necessity or a want. Instead of buying it at that moment, get the things on your list first and go home to think about the extra items you wanted to buy. More than likely, by the time you go back to that store, the item will have left your mind or lost at least some of its appeal.

Your Lennar home should be a safe haven and a retreat. Leave the stresses of the day outside and use s

ome of these simple steps to remove clutter from your house and ultimately, your mind.

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