The Best Indoor Plants & How to Care for Them

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Indoor plants have become a decor item you see in every home. This touch of greenery can instantly brighten up indoor spaces and may provide health benefits as well.

Many of the plants below have become popular in a variety of modern decor themes, especially because they are relatively easy to care for. Those who live in smaller spaces with little or no yard, or those in cold climates, can use indoor plants to bring life into the home.

Below are some of the most popular indoor plants and how to care for them, easy enough for any first-time plant parent to make sure these babies thrive!

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indoor house plants


These cute, supple little plants are small and fresh, and perfect for your desk, bookshelves or bathroom. Living Stones and Lithops are a popular type of succulent, growing only a few centimeters above the soil surface, and easy to take care of.


Cacti are such a commonly collected plant that come in all shapes, sizes, and textures. Two fun types of cacti are the Bunny-Eared Opuntia cacti, which produces prickly pads, and the Barrel Cactus, with bright yellow spines. Both are perfect for growing on windowsills.

Aloe Vera

Commonly known as the first-aid plant, aloe vera is great to keep around the house as it can treat minor burns. These plants are best placed in kitchens and bathrooms. The aloe rauhii snowflake is a beautiful type of aloe vera plant which produces beautiful rosettes of green spotted leaves that are more white than green.

Money Plant

Said to be lucky, these plants are beautiful decorative pieces that can be featured in the center of a table or on a sunny windowsill. The green plant also comes in variations of Silver Jade and Golden Jade, which appear to have golden-edged leaves.


Ferns give an ambient greenery to any space in the home. Place these plants in the corner of rooms, bathrooms, or kitchens to give them a cool shady home. While not all ferns are suitable for the home, the maidenhair, asparagus, and sword ferns are popular amongst plant-owners.

Hopefully, you feel confident in becoming a plant-owner now and can fill your space with beautiful green decor. Whether it’s on a sunny window, kitchen and dining tabletops, or the moist confines of your bathroom, you’re sure to find a plant that’s perfect for your space!

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