How to Have the Perfect Valentine’s Day at Home

House to Home

Sometimes the hassle of making reservations, rushing through traffic and sitting in crowded restaurants can be overwhelming. This Valentine’s Day, why not try something new and less-stressful? Celebrating the day at home is an intimate, cost-efficient and thoughtful alternative. Here are some ways you can make the holiday of love just as special in the comfort of your new Lennar home.

Just the Two of You

Bring your spouse’s favorite dish to them without leaving the house by ordering from the plethora of food delivery apps that bring you food from local restaurants. To make the delivery wait fun and exciting, plan a scavenger hunt around the house. Instead of having one large gift, buy or make your spouse a few smaller gifts that are meaningful and hide them around the house with notes. Each note can lead to the next gift until they get to the final one!

If you prefer to cook on Valentine’s Day, try a food subscription box and cook a new meal together with your spouse. The food subscription box could also double as an ongoing Valentine’s Day gift.

Couples Night-In

Create a cozy bar and spend the evening with other couples in the neighborhood creating custom cocktails or “mocktails” with friends. Another option is to ask couples to bring their favorite bottle of wine and have an in-house wine tasting. Paired with a nice charcuterie platter, your neighbors and your spouse will be happy they didn’t have to leave the neighborhood!


A Family Affair

Kids feel the joy of Valentine’s Day just as much as their parents, if not more. Valentine’s Day is not only a time to celebrate romantic love, but to value other loved ones as well. If you can’t find a baby-sitter to go out on the town, do an activity that the whole family can enjoy. Spend time in your spacious kitchen baking cookies and have a cookie decorating contest using icing, sprinkles, edible hearts and other sweet treats.

After the cookie decorating contest, have a movie night where the whole family gets to enjoy all of the cookies and other snacks you made together.

These ideas for a stay-in Valentine’s Day could spark a new tradition for you and your spouse, your family, and maybe even the whole neighborhood. This year, start thinking outside of the box by staying inside of your beautiful Lennar home to enjoy the holiday.

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