A Dog Owner’s Guide to Buying a Home

Lennar Tampa

While you’re shopping around for homes, it’s important to consider how your dog will react to the space. From making sure there’s plenty of room both inside and outside for your dog to roam around and explore, to checking that the community has dog-friendly neighbors, there are plenty of factors to look into before settling on the perfect home.

Fido-Friendly Features

When you’re buying a home and you’ve already got a dog in the family, it’s important to pay attention to a couple of key features that’ll really help your new home feel like a dream for every member of the family.

In a Lennar home, you and your pooch have the benefit of spacious, open-concept floor plans. Living in an open home give your dog plenty of room to explore and find a space that’s out of the way when it wants to take a nap, but when you’re ready to play, you’ve got plenty of room for that, too!

Living in a place where you’ve got access to a nearby dog park makes sure your pup is getting exercise regularly. Luckily, Lennar has plenty of communities all throughout Tampa Bay with dog parks situated inside the community!

Know the Neighborhood

When you’re looking at a home, be sure to scope out the surrounding area. Look for homes in communities to stay away from any busy streets in order to keep your pet safe and give them the opportunity to roam around the yard worry-free.

While you’re touring different communities, be sure to look around for other dogs. If a handful of your future neighbors are walking their four-legged friends around the community, chances are your home is in a space that’s safe for your dog.

By finding a home away from busy streets and making sure that you live in a dog-friendly neighborhood, your four-legged family member is sure to be comfortable in the home you choose. For more ways to make the most of owning a dog, be sure to Like Lennar on Facebook.

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