Build a Summer Paradise in Your Own Backyard

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Whether you have a large backyard or an intimate garden hideaway, your outdoor space is an extension of your home. Decorate it with that in mind, bringing your indoor-style to the outside. You can get inspired with Pinterest boards or check out home inspired sites like The Spruce. We’ve also compiled our top tips to turn your backyard into an oasis—from keeping things green to outdoor décor and how to plan a party.

Grow A Luscious Lawn

Keeping your lawn looking great is easy when your home comes with a beautiful lawn, to begin with. If you’re cutting the lawn yourself, the biggest mistake you could make is damaging your lawn with a mower. Lift your blade high enough so you don’t cut the grass too short. Also, try to mow when the grass is dry. This will keep ruts from forming in the ground. To keep summer grass greener, check out University of Florida’s Gardening Solutions.

Plan to Plant

Adding plants to your yard is a great way to create depth. It makes your space feel less sterile, and more like an extension of your home. You can use planters, or plant directly in the ground. Find plants that grow well in your area, and plants you enjoy looking at. Some plants can even perform double duty. Fruiting trees or garden vegetables give you a backyard grocery, and herbs like basil and mint repel bugs. Plus, they’re great garnishes for summer meals.

Create Intimate Spaces

The key to creating a great space is making sure it has a purpose. Add plants around a bench to make that space distinct from the rest of the yard. Create a grilling area with paver stones and a table. You could even add a small chimenea with some chairs for a fire-lit evening. Umbrellas and outdoor patio rugs can bring areas together as well. They break up the space into smaller sitting areas with a purpose. Plus, these spaces are great for hosting a party.

Invite Friends Over

Once you have your backyard looking great, you’ll want to spend tons of time out there. You’ll want to show it off to your friends, so plan a party, or host a barbeque. The long days of the summer are perfect. Plus, with lots of fresh foods in season, you can make up a great summer meal with seasonal recipes.

When your outdoor space is as great as your indoor space, it’s like having extra square footage added to your home. These tips will help you create that lush oasis in your own backyard, and make your home even more enjoyable to your family and friends. Grab more summer tips like these by liking Lennar on Facebook.

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