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With Lennar, Everything’s Included in your new home so you can spend more time enjoying the summertime and freshening up your décor! From citrus accents on your kitchen countertops to pops of color in your living room, this blog is filled with fresh design tips to bring the summer sun inside your Lennar home!

Natural Accents

A simple way to dress up your home for summer is to display a bowl of farm-fresh citrus or beautiful greenery on your granite kitchen countertops. Decorating with a bowl of oranges or a vibrant houseplant can instantly make your space feel brighter, and of course, more seasonal.

Pops of Color

There are so many ways to instantly add pops of color to your living space and make it feel both summery and bright. Add a vase of vibrant fresh flowers to the dining room table, swap out some artwork with more graphic paintings, or pick up a few accent pillows for the living room couch. These pops of color will not only make your home feel more festive, but will surely bring a smile to your face.

Outdoor Furniture

Lennar’s patios and outdoor living spaces are the perfect place for summer décor. Set up some outdoor furniture to really make the space your own, such as adding a table with an umbrella or wicker chairs. With the Florida weather so warm and mild, you can enjoy meals outdoors and really make the most of this backyard oasis.

Lennar Tampa design tips

Nautical Accessories

With numerous Lennar communities located near the water, it’s easy to bring beautiful found shells home and create something new! Fill a clear vase with shells from a recent beach trip or create unique picture frames by assembling smaller shells. Another great way to celebrate your love of the coast is to spotlight some stunning pieces of coral on your side tables.

There are endless ways to celebrate summer with your home décor, especially when Lennar homes offer the perfect canvas for your personalization with our Everything’s Included approach to homebuilding! For more fresh design tips and decorating ideas, ‘like’ Lennar on Facebook.

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