Decorating Tips for Fall

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Autumn is just around the corner. Just because Florida’s leaves don’t change color doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the season inside your home! From swapping the color scheme of your kitchen to cozy ways to keep your family around the table, this blog is your guide to designing and DIY-ing your way into a home that feels like it’s autumn, even in the middle of an endless summer.

Inspiration from your Local Store

When you’re looking to make the look of your space more seasonal, check out home goods stores to easily find the color scheme you’re looking for. Look for an oriental rug in a warm color like burgundy or rust to give your kitchen a seasonal flair and make space feel a little bit cozier. While you’re out, pick up some dark orange, red, and brown candles to add a splash of color to your kitchen and dining room.

For the den of your home, a cinnamon broom in the corner is a subtle way to spice up your space and give a rustic feel to the room. It’s hard to deny that the seasons are changing when the family room smells like cinnamon, which is easy to associate with fall fares like roasted apples and pumpkin pie.

A Season for Crafting

Part of achieving an authentic fall feeling in your home is the homemade, rustic aesthetic that comes with the season. To bring this into your home, start with your doors and windows and craft a wreath! Weave some dried sticks into a circle and tuck some artificial fall crops like corn and gourds to nestle into the bottom of the wreath to show your guests that you’re celebrating the season.

For the centerpiece of your dining room table, run some neutral-colored yarn around a mason jar and fill it with seasonal flowers and foliage to bring the changing outdoors into your home and make space feel more welcoming. Head to a thrift store for some cushioned chairs and reupholster the seats with flannel fabric. This will make the dining room feel cozier and keep your family around the table talking long after dinner’s finished.

Whether something is bought from the store or made with your own two hands, there are a variety of ways to make your home feel like it’s fall, whether or not the weather agrees. From something as simple as a cinnamon broom to a set of reupholstered chairs, every aspect of your home can be made seasonal with ease. Make sure to find more ways to prepare your home for the season by Liking Lennar on Facebook.

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