Simple Ways to Help Small Businesses

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Recently, small businesses have seen a decline in traffic in response to staying home as a means of staying safe in the current climate. As we transition back towards stores and restaurants opening their doors, there are a number of simple ways you can help local businesses get back on their feet. Thanks to quick thinking, many of these small businesses are now even offering alternate methods of service that are a great way to get folks back in the metaphorical door.

Why Support Local?

You may be thinking, why bother supporting small businesses? It’s still possible to swing through a chain burger joint’s drive-thru and grab dinner for the family. While this is true, small businesses are essential to the health of local economies. The small businesses in Tampa Bay bring tons of growth and innovation to the communities that they’re a part of. Small businesses are owned by people in the community, and as a result, learn to really care about each one of their customers. They’ll learn the names of regulars, volunteer to be a part of community events, and give back in more ways than one time and time again.

Consider Curbside

Restaurants have been offering curbside pickup since long before staying at home was a recommendation. It’s an easy way to skip the crowds going out to eat brings and enjoy delicious food in the comfort of your own home. Now, small businesses in all sorts of different fields are offering curbside or contactless purchasing options. Bookstores offer mini-libraries in mailbox-style pickup boxes outside of their storefronts, and florists will leave a vase just outside their door for you.

Plug in to Your Community

If you or your kids were taking music lessons or seeing a tutor, chances are those programs have been transitioned to digital. Instead of quitting the class until in-person lessons return, consider staying active with your course online! If you’re new to taking lessons, now is a great time to get started. You’ll help keep a small business afloat, be encouraged to practice regularly, and best of all, come out with a new skill at the end of this!

Your Support is Key

Outside of being online, check in with businesses you’re a regular at. If they’re open, let people know by sharing their pages on your social channels! Word of mouth has always been the strongest method of referral, but now it’s become more powerful than ever. If nothing else, the business owner will appreciate you showing your support and saying hello!

By making a point to show support to small businesses, you’re not just reinvigorating your local economy, you’re lending a helping hand to your neighbors. As an added benefit, after this all blows over, you’ll have a new favorite spot to hang out at in Tampa Bay. For more ways to learn how to help, be sure to Like Lennar on Facebook.

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