Tips for Your Halloween Party

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Halloween is coming up, which means it’s time to celebrate everyone’s favorite chance to dress up! This blog is filled with tips for entertaining guests and keeping the party moving, from quick DIY décor ideas to elevate your space to ghoulishly good recipes that are sure to entertain any guest. These seasonal tips flow from the beginning of your driveway to the heart of your home, and they can be used from the first of the month all the way to the night of Halloween.

Spooky Spaces and Smiling Faces

When hosting a themed party for a holiday like Halloween, the atmosphere is everything. Take the labels off of some empty paint cans from the garage and paint the exteriors orange, then (carefully!) poke holes in a pattern. Drop a tea candle in the bottom of the bucket and you’ve got a jack-o’-lantern that you can reuse for years to come! These paint can lanterns are great to put by your mailbox to get your guests ready for the party before they even walk through the front door. On the night of Halloween, put a few of these at the end of your driveway to let trick-or-treaters know you’re open for business!

A Haunting Holiday

Hosting a costume party? Encourage your guests to flex their creative muscles with a friendly competition. Pick up some skeleton trophies and have your guests vote on who had the best costumes in categories like the funniest costume, best couples costume, and scariest costume. Let your guests know prizes will be handed out during the party when you invite them and you’ll get a great opportunity to see everybody’s creative side.

Sip Your Treats

Once you’ve gathered all of your happiest haunts under one roof, you’ll need something to keep them refreshed. Florida’s Halloweens are usually on a hot night, which is a perfect excuse to break out some chilled treats. Cut out black construction paper and stick the shapes on a clear glass cup. Pour in as much orange soda as you’d like and scoop in some vanilla ice cream to make a creamsicle jack-o’-lantern float! This quick and easy recipe is an easy way to make sure you can have an outdoor element to your party and gives people a way to personalize their cup beyond writing their name with a marker.

Tricks for Sweets

For something we can all pretend is a little bit healthier, try putting a holiday twist on candied apples and dip them in witch’s poison! Meltdown cubes of caramel on the stovetop and add black food coloring, then dip some green apples in and let cool! These black caramel apples will be a hit with any crowd. For best results, stick to real caramel and avoid actual witch poison.

The Spirit of Halloween

If you’ve got a more grown-up crowd at your party, dice up some apples and add them to a large beverage dispenser. Mix in caramel-flavored vodka and apple cider at a ratio of your choice and serve your own caramel apple sangria! This sweet drink will let you know how much everybody looks forward to next year’s Halloween party.

Throwing a great Halloween party is easy when you have the right combination of awesome recipes, spooky décor, and a great group of friends to celebrate the season with. Indulge in a little sugar rush with a seasonal drink like caramel apple sangria, or make candy a little bit healthier with black caramel apples. The beauty of Halloween is that no matter what the situation is, there’s a caramel-based solution. For more party tips besides spicing up your pumpkins, be sure to like Lennar on Facebook.

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