Trick-or-Treating Tips

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With the most haunting night of the year growing near, this blog is your guide to alleviating trick-or-treating fear! From maximizing candy potential to making sure every little ghoul gets back home safely, these tips will be easy to remember and even easier to implement. Follow along to make sure you and your family have a safe and successful Halloween!

Tricks for the Trail

Before you and your loved ones head out on a hunt for sweets, make sure you’ve put together a game plan. Knowing which homes are participating and which ones are sitting out will save precious time in the quest to pile up as much candy as possible. Walking with a group is an easy way to make sure everybody gets home safely. Talk to any friends or family members who have children around the same age as your own to make the night more of an event, as well as making those in costume a bit safer.

If you’ve got any young reapers or princesses walking in your party on Halloween, check the length of their robes and dresses. Spending weeks talking up the holiday and getting excited will be wasted if a mini-monster trips on the bottom of their costume. Nothing’s worse than coming home on Halloween at 7:30 with nothing but an empty bucket and skinned knees. A quick hem or a pair of gliding scissors (rough edges on a reaper are okay!) will make sure your Halloween lasts well into the evening.

If you’ve got an older group going trick-or-treating without adults for the first time, there are steps to take to make sure they stay safe. Make sure any kids in the group with cell phones have a full charge and location services turned on so you can check their route and make sure they’re sticking to what you’ve previously planned. Decide on an end time, double-check they know their way around, and stay in contact throughout the night.

Check Your Treats

When you make it back to your own home after spending the night collecting candy, make it a point to have your kiddos pour everything out. It’s now time for the most important part of Halloween: making sure everything they collected through the night is safe to eat. If you’re sneaky enough, you can take a little bit of a tax and call it room and board. Nobody will miss one chocolate bar, right?

While sorting through your kids’ candy, make a point to pull out any candy that looks suspiciously old, unwrapped, or otherwise tampered with. If you followed the plan you set up, your hauls should be huge. Thanks to this great forward thinking, you can toss one or two pieces of candy out without making a dent in any treasure troves.

So the kids don’t feel left out during this step, take it as an opportunity to encourage trades! When the pirate in your group is more of a sour candy connoisseur, but the zombie craves chocolate, there are plenty of chances to make sure everybody gets what they want and nothing they don’t.

If you’ve perfected your plan for trick-or-treating and your night went smoothly, you can ration out your candy and be diving into sweets until well into next year. Plus, thanks to your preparations, the kids in your group will be able to work the homes on your route like pros. If you’re hosting a Halloween party for adults after the trick-or-treating is over, check out these tips to make sure that goes off without a hitch. For more ways to make the most of your Halloween, be sure to like Lennar on Facebook.

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