Why Now is the Time to Move

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With summer at our doorsteps, there’s no better time to move into your new home! Making this transition while the kids are out of school ensures an easier experience for everyone involved, and won’t cause any interruptions when it’s time to return to school in the fall. Here are some of the reasons why now’s the best time to move:

Long Summer Days

Take advantage of the summer weather and its long days with more sunlight! This gives you more hours in the day to get boxes packed, coordinate with a moving company, or simply take your time with the process.

Children Out of School

Moving in the summer is far less disruptive for those with families, as the kids are already out of school. This means there is no interruption in their schoolwork or routine, and you won’t have to plan around their schedule. This makes it easier not only on the kids, but also means you have some extra helping hands with the move!

Peak Selling Season

If you still need to sell your current home, summertime is when the real estate market is strongest and most people are looking to move. This will likely increase the likelihood of your home selling faster, especially with the grass green and flowers blooming, adding to your curb appeal.

Yard Sales Galore

Summer is the best time for neighborhood yard sales, so it’s a great time for both buyers and sellers. Whether you’re looking to clean out the garage before your move, or pick up some new games to distract the kids while packing, this is the perfect time to host or attend a yard sale.

Everything’s Included®

There’s never been a better time to buy a new Lennar home with incredible savings and sales happening now. Plus, your move will be made even easier with Lennar’s Everything’s Included®, meaning you won’t have to worry about installing the basic necessities or purchasing appliances. Your home Wi-Fi CERTIFIED home comes with Energy Star® appliances, GE® products, Moen® fixtures, and much more. Get all the features you want, right from the start! 

Why wait? Now’s the best time to move and take advantage of all that Lennar has to offer. For more reasons on why you should make your move this summer, ‘like’ Lennar on Facebook.

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