10 spring-inspired DIY projects

April Henley

Spring is a season for novel beginnings; new life bursts forth in vibrant color, and the air is alive with nature’s hymns – buzzing bees, chirping birds, croaking frogs – intermixed with the delightful fragrances of blooming florals. Spring is also a time for original creativity, inspired by the seasonal elements. Indulge your inner artist by bringing the sights and sounds of spring into your home with these 10 seasonally-inspired DIY projects.


Give your feathered friends a home for their hatchlings. You can build a birdhouse from scratch, using measured and cut plywood, or upcycle old cowboy boots, rain boots, watering cans, and teapots. Should you choose to decorate the birdhouse, you can use a wide assortment of trinkets, such as pebbles, moss, pennies, buttons, bottle caps, and wine corks, to adorn the roof and sides. Involve your child(ren) in this fun artistic project to educate them about nesting birds, and be sure to provide your avian guests with nearby sources of food and water to make their stay more comfortable.

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Wind Chime

A whimsical thought: Wind chimes give gentle breezes voices to sing. This percussion instrument, commonly made of wood and metal objects, is considered an example of aleatory or chance-based music, as the simple melodies or broken chords it plays rely upon the chance movement of air. The sound of a wind chime is soothing to most listeners; its different tunes rhythmically fall in with the chirping of songbirds, complementing moments of relaxation on the front porch.

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Framed Flower Décor Made of Pinecones

This colorful collage of painted pinecones can bring a little ‘pop’ to any interior that boasts a quiet palette of whites, grays, and soft pastels. It is a great way to reuse the pinecones that clutter your yard at the turn of winter; simply store the pinecones in an airtight bag till you are ready to decorate them in the spring.

Umbrella Wreath

This is a good way to repurpose a non-functioning umbrella. You can purchase a bouquet of silk flowers at the local arts and crafts store and arrange the faux blossoms in the upside-down umbrella in any manner you like. Tie off with a nice bow, and you have a beautiful adornment to welcome guests at the front door, adding to your home’s curb appeal.

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Via: www.thesassylife.com

Flower Letters

Whether you spell out your name or just your initials, flower letters put your signature on a space in a colorful, cheerful manner; the vast array of floral hues available to you at the crafts store permit these letters to align with any interior palette, be it soft or loud, simple or patterned. You can even touch up your springtime moniker with mock butterflies, dragonflies, or birds.

Concrete Planter Hands

This is a unique step away from ordinary flower pots. You can create a one-of-a-kind planter that simulates you and your spouse’s, your child’s, or your own hands. Sign your work before the concrete sets and feel free to paint the hands as well.

Window Box Planter

Flowers invite butterflies, bumblebees, and hummingbirds to sample the sweet nectar hiding in their floral nectaries. Seeing these friendly creatures from the opposite side of the windowpane can be pleasant as you enjoy your morning breakfast. Dressing your windows with flowers also adds to the curb appeal of your home’s exterior.

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Garden Planter Pallet

There are several methods for repurposing a wooden pallet to display and support the growth of flowers, produce, and other greenery. Vertical garden pallets save room, maximize the vegetation’s growth space, and double as aesthetically-pleasing mini fences to partially border or contain soil beds. Stacking pallets allows for the planting of many shallow herbs and vegetables, all confined to a sturdy, easily-watered tower. And, horizontal pallets laid in rows help organize the fixings of your next salad, keeping the roots of each plant from getting entangled in the soil and competing for nutrients.

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Garden Tower of Tilting Pots and Birdbath

The tipsy pot plant tower is a unique work of art that stands out in any garden. Seemingly defying the laws of gravity, this flower-friendly tower allows you to display a colorful ascent of blossoms and welcome feathered friends to drink and bathe in the tower’s top basin.

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Floating Teacup Centerpiece

Dress your table with this optical illusion of colorful, floral delight. You can use a simple coffee mug from the thrift store or an ornate teacup from an antique shop and assemble your waterfall of descending blossoms in any fashion you choose.

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