4 last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas

Lindsay Mikrut

Offering to clean the whole home or a homemade breakfast are a sure way to your mom’s heart on her special day. While those “day of” gifts would all be very appreciated, consider finding her a gift she can also enjoy beyond just the day of Mother’s Day!

This Mother’s Day gift guide will provide you with four simple, but thoughtful gifts for your mom, especially convenient for those last-minute gift givers of the family (you know who you are).


While this might seem like the go to gift for Mother’s Day, it’s always one that can be appreciated and act as a beautiful centerpiece in the home. Flowers are perfect for any occasion and are a simple yet meaningful way to show how much you care.

It’s also a convenient gift if you happen to live quite a distant from your mom. Send her a bouquet of her favorite flowers with a thoughtful card attached and she will be sure to love this Mother’s Day gesture!

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Candles offer a variety of scents for the home and are a simple décor piece for any space. This is a gift that your mom can use for a while and enjoy when she wants to add a new aroma to the home or create the perfect lighting for a relaxing night.

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Magazine subscription

Purchase a subscription to your mom’s favorite magazine, it’s a great gift that she can receive each month until the subscription is up. It’s a thoughtful gift that she will be reminded of each month as she receives it in the mail. Whether she wants to be inspired by home décor or keep up on her favorite celebrities, you are sure to find a magazine that fits her preferences.

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Sometimes it can be difficult to think of the right gift to get your mother as you may have exhausted many options in the past. Consider choosing a gift card to one of her favorite places (The movies? A coffee shop? A restaurant? A book store? There are so many to choose!).  Maybe it’s a gift card to her favorite clothing store or possibly a gift card to the movies where she can enjoy a night out on you. When in doubt on what type of gift you should give, consider one that she can enjoy in her free time.

Above all else, make sure you tell your mom how special she is to you on Mother’s Day (and every other day), and if the budget allows splurge to give her something a little extra special!

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What is your favorite gift to give your mom on Mother’s Day? Share in the comments below!


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