5 Plants For Easy Container Gardening

Katie Kuchta

Many homeowners add interest to their home by deciding to add plant containers on the porch, walkway, or patio area. Container gardening is great for those who want to be able to move their plants around depending on the weather conditions outside. Adding a few containers around your outdoor space will help to incorporate pops of color as well as add beauty to your home. Try using native plants to make container gardening easy on yourself if low maintenance care is more your thing. Here are a few commonly known low-maintenance plants perfect for any container garden.

1.  Zinnia

These beautiful flowers are reminiscent of daisies with their gorgeous colored leaves around a yellow and black center. Zinnias are compact in size and can last throughout the year with the proper watering and sunlight conditions. The blooms are a definite eye catcher and this disease resistant plant can stand up to multiple growing areas. Zinnias come in a variety of colors including dark red, orange, white, fuchsia, yellow, and pink. Plant a few different colors in one container for ultimate interest.

2. Viola

These delicate looking flowers look a bit like butterflies with their three to four petaled heads and delicate leaves. They are considered annuals but may be able to withstand winter in some areas. Violas are a compact flower that pack a lot of punch for small containers and would do great on a porch or on either side of an entry door. Different colors are available including orange, yellow, white, purple, and lilac.

3. Herbs

Planting a pot of basil, mint, oregano, or cilantro is a great way to not only add color to your outdoor spaces but provide a refreshing scent as well. These herbs thrive in containers and can be grown together if desired. They produce different kinds of leaves that can be snipped off and added to a summertime drink or in delicious recipes. Consider planting different varieties of basil, both green and purple hues, to add depth to a potted plant as well.

4. Coleus

This plant may not have large blooms but it makes up for that with vibrant leaf colors accented with tiny blooms. Placing a few of these around an outdoor area will provide entertainment as butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees are frequent visitors to pollinate the delicate blooms. Coleus is tolerant of drought and comes in a variety of colors including variegated options in different shades of green, red, burgundy, and yellow. Coleus is an easy favorite among homeowners who have container gardens.

5. Roses

For the ultimate in instant beauty, consider planting a rose bush in a large container for a never ending supply of gorgeous roses. Although some roses can get quite large, there are some shrub varieties that can do well in a container. Roses have become more resistant to disease in recent years and are therefore great to use near outdoor living areas. Add instant elegance to a front patio or doorway by placing a few rose bush containers to welcome guests.

Using containers to accent your outdoor space is a great way to provide interest and beauty to your home. Consider planting Viola, Zinnia, or Roses for pops of colorful flowers. Planting other options like coleus or herbs will help to add interest to an outdoor living space as well. All of these options are easy to plant, maintain, and don’t need much attention in order to thrive in a container garden.

Katie Kuchta is a gardening and outdoor living guru, and self-proclaimed foodie. She can often be found cooking in the kitchen or on the hunt for the best tacos, follow her on Instagram @atxtacoqueen.

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