Movie theater madness: Tips to consider when building a home theater

Lindsay Mikrut

This month starts the endless amounts of college basketball games and is only just the beginning for sporting events to come this year. Choosing to build a home theater in your home might just be worth it for all sports fanatics (and of course, movie fanatics too). Your viewing experience will be brought to life, so you can catch every play of the game with the best quality sound and picture!

Now, how should you get started? From the sound system to the style or theme of the room, there are many factors that go into the space itself. It’s beneficial to figure out these decisions before you get started on creating your home theater, so you can stay on budget and finish the project in a timely manner (which means more time to enjoy the space!).

Setting a budget.

Determining your budget is the first step to creating your dream theater in your home. While the space can be as elaborate or as simple as you like, the resources needed for the room can quickly add up.

Set your budget based on what is most important to least important in the space, and keep in mind that you can always upgrade along the way. While it might be easy to go over your budget, it’s also possible to stay at or below by opting for DIY projects within the space.

For DIY inspiration, you can check out these 8 fabulous DIY home movie theaters.

Choosing the right sound system. 

Sound is a crucial factor to consider when creating your home theater. This helps make or break the movie theater or game experience that you are looking for.

If you are looking to mimic the entire movie theater experience, you might consider splurging on a home theater system that will bring the sound of any movie to life.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to stay on a lower budget you might consider opting for a sound bar rather than an expansive surround sound system. This can not only help keep you within a more reasonable budget, but will also help save ample space in your home theater room. Sound bars may be less expensive, but they still offer high-performance sound so you don’t have to worry about compromising on the quality.

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Theater room only or multi-purpose room? 

While you might envision a dedicated room for your home theater space, it’s always a good idea to consider if that is the best option for your home. If you have a growing family or a smaller home, you might find that a multi-purpose room might be a better fit.

By choosing to create the space into a multi-purpose room, you can still enjoy the perks of a home theater, but easily utilize the space for more than just watching movies. During the day it can act as a play area for the kids or maybe as your own office space, while at night you can turn down the lights and enjoy your favorite movie or sports game, allowing you to have the best of both worlds.

 Finding the right furniture for the space.

When you think of going out to the movies, you might instantly imagine a dark room filled with rows of red chairs, deciding which seat you will claim yours. While you might consider copying this image of a theater into your space, you may find it more fun to have the opportunity to play around with different furniture layouts that best fit you and your style!

Whether you choose leather recliners, fabric couches, or even opt for over-sized bean bags, be sure to choose your furniture based on the comfort. Sometimes you might fall in love with the look of the furniture, but easily realize that it doesn’t provide the most comfort as you sit back and relax in your theater space.

 Choose a theme or style.

Just as you can choose to take a different route with the furniture in your theater, you can do the same as you begin to think about the theme or design. Whether you choose to make the room based on one of your favorite movies, sports teams, or decorate it with a city in mind, it’s sure to stand out from all of the rooms in your home!

While decorating can be all fun and games, don’t forget to consider how it might affect the space while watching your favorite movies or sports game. If you’re going for the “true” movie theater feel, you might want to opt for dark walls and stay away from a design that might be distracting. If you plan to use it as a multi-purpose room, then you may consider to keep light walls in the room and choose a theme that can work for the entire space.

Wondering which theme you should choose for your space? Check out these theme dedicated home theater rooms that will inspire you for your own home!

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