5 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Your New Lennar Home


Make this Mother’s Day extra special without breaking the bank! We’ve put together a fun list of creative ways you can show the mom in your life just how much she means to you – and best of all, you can do them all without leaving your new Lennar home.

Breakfast in Bed

Mom should start feeling appreciated as soon as she wakes up. Let her sleep in then surprise her with some delicious breakfast in bed. And get the kids involved, too. Let them spell out mom with bacon strips, sausages and an egg. They’ll feel part of the process and get to show mom just how much they love her.

Relaxing Bubble Bath

Take advantage of the spa-inspired bathrooms in every new Lennar home and help mom’s worries float away with a lavish bubble bath! Buy some beautifully scented bath bombs and draw a bath for mom. Provide an iPad with her favorite movie, soothing music or a book, as well as a glass of wine. And be sure to take the kids out to the park nearby, so mom can unwind uninterrupted.

Get to Cleaning 

Have you given your home its annual spring cleaning? If not, this is a great gift for mom and the whole family – and you can get started while mom sleeps in or takes her bubble bath. Empty out the fridge, clean out the junk drawer, pamper the countertops and clean the windows. Pick up the kid’s toys and do their laundry. Mom will love having a home that feels brand new!

Have a Cookout

Instead of spending the evening at a crowded restaurant with exorbitant holiday prices, consider turning the day into an event with family and friends who also want to avoid the madness. You have everything you need, after all: an Everything’s Included® kitchen and spacious backyard. Fire up the grill, put on some music and impress her with her favorite dish. Plus, one of the best things about Mother’s Day is the spring weather, so why not take the party outside?

Make it a Movie Night

Remember: Mother’s Day is about mom, not you. So, if mom is more low-maintenance and prefers to avoid the hustle and bustle of the holiday, respect her wishes and plan something simple, like a movie night. Round up the kids, get her favorite snacks, pop in a movie and use Mother’s Day as this week’s family night.

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