7 smart ways to save on back-to-school clothing

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Most of the time, back-to-school clothes shopping is inevitable for most parents. With children constantly growing out of their clothes or having new likes and dislikes, it’s become a normal part of the “back-to-school” shopping list. Usually, it can be a big expense for parents especially when shopping for multiple children. This  U.S News & World report article by Deacon Hayes offers money saving tips for school-year threads that will help you enjoy the back-to-school shopping experience. 

Assess Your Child’s Current Clothing Inventory

What still fits? What doesn’t? What’s acceptable to wear from both a condition and fashion standpoint? Scour your child’s closet and talk with her about what items should stay or go. Sell or give away items your child no longer wants, and make a list of what can be re-used this year. When you shop, build around the items you already have.

Set a Budget Before You Shop

Before you leave for the mall, decide what you can comfortably afford to spend on back-to-school clothing and make sure your child has a clear understanding of that number. Make a commitment to yourself that you won’t deviate from the budget without good reason, no matter how much pleading occurs at the mall. Setting a clear budget beforehand will reduce your stress level and help your child learn to shop within boundaries, making choices that best suit his needs and wants.

Work With Your Child to Make a List

It’s important to work together with your child to determine what items are needed for school, and what items are wanted. Sit down with your child and make a list that covers his needs and wants. Be sure your child understands that needs are prioritized when it comes to shopping and sticking within the set budget.

Go With Your Child to the Stores

Oftentimes, older kids like to do their back-to-school shopping with friends, but unless your teen has a really keen eye for shopping wisely, go with her on the school-shopping excursion. Having a second voice along – preferably that of a parent – will do wonders to help your child to determine how she can get the most out of the money available to spend.

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