Bedroom makeover ideas: How a headboard can transform your room

Abbey DeHart

Moving into a new space is always a very exciting thing. You have a vision in your head of how you’ll decorate each room, where you’ll put those new pictures you’ve been eyeing and how you’ll transform your bedroom into a sanctuary. But anyone who has moved can appreciate the frustration of trying to get that space put together to reflect you and your style… on a budget!

Perhaps you’re starting out with hand-me-down bedroom furniture, or you’re prioritizing another space first. Whatever the case may be, you may find yourself realizing a year—or five! — later that you never really got your bedroom looking like you’d imagined. Maybe you lost the passion for the makeover, or never found that money you were hoping to get, or you simply couldn’t make up your mind about the decor. As a homeowner myself and a person who’s recently transitioned into a new home, I’m one year in and finding myself with a new bed, but no headboard, and a very stark and boring bedroom.

In order to get your bedroom looking like you’d once pictured it, you have to get organized. Start by creating a list or a Pinterest board with all of your ideas. Carefully consider paint colors, your overall color palette and the style you’re going for, as well as your budget. Don’t discount existing furniture you may already have either! New isn’t a necessity—you can take existing furniture and paint it or refinish it to reflect the style you want for your space.

As you work through your design, consider how you envision the bed, which will act as the focal point of your bedroom. Now may be the perfect time to upgrade your bedding. But don’t stop there—think about what’s above and around the bed. A headboard can sometimes be a costly addition depending on what you’re looking for, but it will add maturity to your space and give the room a more finished look. It’s possible to find quite affordable headboards online, or you can consider DIYing your own. Use these tutorials and style inspiration to turn your bedroom into a beautiful oasis.

The Illusion Headboard

 An accent wall is an easy and affordable project, and brings some serious “wow” factor to your bedroom. Choose a contrasting paint color or a unique wallpaper with a striking pattern. If bold isn’t your thing, get a sophisticated monochromatic look by painting your walls in deepening shades of gray, as seen here. A headboard in a matching color or pattern will keep you cozy and blend seamlessly with the background, making it look as though the entire wall is part of your bed!

The Creative Headboard

Put your own personal flair on a headboard and think outside the box with this idea from Heidi at Happiness is Homemade. She took simple wooden decorative frames and mounted them together with a pretty vintage sheet to create a seriously unique focal point behind her bed. This fun and creative idea will instantly add personality and drama to any room—and it’s very budget-friendly.

The Glam Headboard

 Even the plainest decor can be perked up with a jewel-toned headboard in rich velvet or suede. If you don’t have a lot of time, money or resources to invest in a complete room makeover, a super-glam headboard instantly creates a chic focal point. It’s a simple way to add in a little sophistication.

The Outside-the-Box Headboard

 Headboards don’t always have to start as headboards! Get creative and try using a found object to help you create that focal point behind your bed and put together a finished bedroom. Ginger from Gingersnap Crafts shows us this with her easy DIY shutter headboard.

 The Start-From-Scratch Headboard

Beckie from Infarrantly Creative shows off her DIY expertise with this gorgeous farmhouse trundle bed. Even if you’re starting from scratch, you can create a truly one-of-a-kind piece of furniture for your bedroom.

Whether you’re a seasoned DIYer, a crafter or someone who just wants to update their space as quickly and easily as possible, consider all your options for the bedroom of your dreams. Even with a small budget, you can transform your space into something you love!

Abbey DeHart has a passion about home decor and writes about it for The Home Depot.  She provides great ideas on everything from spring party ideas to creating the perfect headboard. To see more headboard choices, check out The Home Depot’s website.

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