Caring for Your Home: Summer Maintenance

April Henley

Summer is near and with it maybe a vacation. Before you and your family leave town, your home can benefit from a quick spruce and routine maintenance. This may help with the efficiency of some items, and even if you do not go on a trip somewhere, summer at home can be cooler and more comfortable if you cross off these minute tasks.

Disclaimer: Regular care and maintenance of your home not only increases the longevity of your property but helps prevent costly repairs and prolongs its value. The following maintenance steps should not replace the manufacturer’s recommendations. Products used for the cleaning and supportive functionality of your home’s systems and features should be approved by the manufacturer. We strongly suggest you use licensed contractors for any tasks that require the technical knowledge and/or physical ability to perform without injury to yourself or damage to the home.


  • Switch the rotation of all ceiling fans to counterclockwise to reduce energy use. The direction switch is typically located on the motor housing.
  • Vacuum refrigerator and freezer coils.
  • Inspect shower doors for leaks and replace the sweep(s) if necessary.
  • Lubricate hinges and locks on all interior and exterior doors with 100% silicone spray.

Before you leave…

Your home will strongly benefit from monthly, quarterly, seasonal, and annual maintenance routines. Click here to view a general list of those maintenance steps Lennar recommends its homeowners.

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