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Energy-efficient homebuilding and design serves the homeowner and the environment – energy-efficient homes are less expensive to operate, more comfortable to live in and more environmentally friendly.  A home functions like a system and energy-efficient design involves looking at the whole picture in order to maximize efficiency.  For example, if your home is not well insulated even the highest-rated heating and cooling systems can’t do their jobs effectively.

With some of the finest green features available on the market today, Lennar offers “the next generation of living” in the new Everything’s Included Home – a green home designed to save you money while at the same time helping to save the environment.  Lennar’s Everything’s Included Home provides a lifetime of value by increasing energy efficiency at no additional cost, with green building features already included.

While some features may not be available in certain areas, here is the shortlist of steps that Lennar takes to ensure maximum energy efficiency in their new homes.

  • Radiant barrier roof sheathing improves cooling energy efficiency and increases indoor comfort.
  • Low-E, dual-pane windows reflect heat from the sun while letting natural light brighten a room, and energy from your heater does not escape outside but is returned to the interior of the home
  • Improved insulation techniques help to minimize gaps and higher thermal properties (R-value) add to energy efficiency
  • Designed and properly sealed duct system to improve comfort and efficiency
  • Compact fluorescent bulbs are included instead of less efficient incandescent bulbs
  • Programmable thermostats regulate your home’s temperature year-round.
  • High-efficiency ENERGY STAR® rated water heater, refrigerator, and dishwashers help save money by using less energy.

Considering Going Solar? According to the Solar Industries Association (SIA), over 1.8 million US households have gone solar. If you are considering joining them by adding a solar energy system to your home, you’ll find there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Here are some helpful resources and interesting facts.

If you are moving into a new energy-efficient home, most of the work is done for you. But if you are renovating an existing home, the most effective strategy for improving household energy efficiency is to start with your walls, attic, windows, and doors.  To maximize your home’s efficiency visit Energy Star Home Advisor to create a profile of your home’s energy efficiency features and to get a prioritized list of energy-saving recommendations customized to your home.

Whether you are stepping into a brand new energy-efficient dream home or you would like to be more efficient with your existing home,  check out Lennar’s Open-Door Blog for tips on energy efficiency, water efficiency, air quality, and green building.

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