Five tips for fall home organization


When pumpkin spice goodies take over the shelves and it’s too chilly for those flip-flops, it means one thing: fall has arrived. As the leaves begin to turn their brilliant shades, this is also a wonderful season to think about home organization. Fall brings with it decorations and holidays and precedes the beautifully nostalgic close of the year; a time to bring out the old, welcome in some new, and feel settled before the holiday whirlwind begins. Here are five tips for organizing your home this fall:


  1. Better access clothing with a closet storage upgrade

As it becomes time to retire shorts and pull out cozy fall sweaters, consider organizing your bedroom closets. Adding more drawers to your closet can provide more space to keep seasonal items separate by keeping heavier items away from lighter, more delicate pieces. Additional hanging racks will allow you to see where your clothes are more quickly – in those darker fall mornings!

  1. Decorate inside and out

It’s exciting to bring out fall decorations and make the home feel cozier. But why stop there? An excellent fall project is to both optimize and redecorate closet space – for example, with ClosetMaid’s MasterSuite® colors. While pumpkin isn’t an option, there are some new shades, like Coastal Gray, and new styles, like Shaker, that are perfect for year-round use, and will add some fun to any organization project.

  1. Consider built-in storage for seasonal items

It can be tedious and unsightly to lug boxes of candles, Halloween paraphernalia and heavier fall blankets from attic or basement areas. By adding extra shelving or drawers to existing hall closets or common spaces, these items can be neatly stowed away year-round. In a smaller home? New shelves and drawers in a closet or two can free up space in general, allowing the home to feel more open and comfortable.

  1. Outdoor tools need a home too

It’s also time to pack away gardening tools for the year – or even just give them a better home. And what about all those rakes and leaf blowers that are falling over in a corner of the garage? Fall is an excellent time to reorganize the garage and make room for snowsuits and skis, while neatly tucking away items for outdoor care. As a bonus, everything will be easier to find come spring. One solution is ClosetMaid’s ProGarage® system, which has many options to suit many needs.

  1. Host a garage sale – or donate

Many find that when reorganizing the home, items are often unearthed. These items range anywhere from quilts and blankets, to older lawn care tools and outgrown bikes. As to not clutter any new storage options this fall, hosting a garage sale is one way to clear out unwanted items. If there are any clothes too large or too small, these can either be added to the sale or donated to a local cause.

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