Friendsgiving? What you need to know.

Evelyn Reyes

What is Friendsgiving?

Friendsgiving is a gathering of friends enjoying a Thanksgiving meal. The combination of the words friend and Thanksgiving became what we know as “Friendsgiving.” Although the hit TV show Friends is often known for popularizing the idea, “Friendsgiving” has been dated back to 2007 in the Merriam-Wester lexicographers.

How Friendsgiving came to be?

Traditionally the Thanksgiving holiday is known to be celebrated by families coming together and enjoying a big meal while spending some quality time with one another. However, as people grow older and become young adults, they go off to college or move to another city because of work. It then becomes harder to go home for the holidays. Besides travel impediments, often people avoid going home to see their families due to personal problems, among other reasons. And because friends tend to be the family one gets to choose, it’s only natural for individuals to want to celebrate the holiday with their closest friends in the fun way we call Friendsgiving. It is also common that young adults celebrate both Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving.

Friendsgiving Date?

There is no official date for when Friendsgiving should be celebrated. It is usually celebrated sometime during the week approaching the actual holiday. However, it’s most commonly celebrated the Wednesday before the actual Thanksgiving Day.

How to throw your own Friendsgiving?

Throwing a Friendsgiving gathering is simple. The one hosting the party is usually responsible for cooking or buying the turkey. Friends invited then bring the sides, drinks, desserts and let’s not forget the wine. For some fun photos, it is always fun to make a cute backdrop. Set the mood by making a playlist all your friends will enjoy. To get the word out make a list of your closest friends and create a Facebook event, which will make it easier for you to invite and communicate with everyone.

So whether you can’t make it home for Thanksgiving or just need an excuse to celebrate with friends, Friendsgiving is a great way to do so.

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