Get ready for summer cookouts with these pre-summer maintenance tips

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Are you already planning that first summer cookout of the season? Before you start putting together your guest list, get your home looking its best for entertaining your favorite people with these pre-summer maintenance tips.

Get ready for summer entertaining
Get ready for summer entertaining

Before the Annual Cookout, Make Sure to:

  1. Get the AC Checked: Nothing can disrupt summer party plans faster than an air conditioning problem. If you want to provide your BBQ guests with the opportunity to beat the heat by skipping indoors for a bit of AC, you might want to schedule an air conditioning tune up. Similar to getting your car “tuned,” this is to make sure your air conditioning unit is up to the task of keeping everyone cool throughout the summer months while minimizing the summer electric bills. An air conditioner tune up should include a check that the fan is functioning well, the coils are cleaned, and there are no potential fire hazards due to wiring issues, etc.
  2. Inspect your Roof: An annual roof inspection will help you identify problems while they’re still small, which is far better than discovering a big problem. (“Big” roof problems are usually leaky and that is best avoided).
  3. Clean Out the Gutters: This will help the gutters to function and avoid unnecessary leaks. Aim to clean them out twice a year: pre-summer and late fall.
  4. Check the Exterior: Curb appeal is key when entertaining outside, so you’ll want to make sure to take a stroll around your home to check for any unsightly issues. Clear dead plants and shrubs from the flower beds, pressure wash the siding and patio, fix any minor deck damage and replace any broken lighting.
  5. Prevent Pest Problems: It’s no picnic when bugs stop by, but summer is their favorite season. Spraying your yard can decrease mosquitos, ticks and flies making for a much more enjoyable cookout. Putting up a foundation barrier averts ants and spiders from entering your home and chasing away guests. Citronella candles are welcoming for you, but will deter unwanted company. While you may not be able to eliminate pesky visitors entirely, performing these quick and simple tasks you can prevent some larger problems.
Inspect your home's exterior
Inspect you home’s exterior

Once you’ve finished with your short list of pre-summer preparations you can start the party planning with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is ready to entertain.

Enjoy the summer!
Enjoy the summer!

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