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April Henley

At Lennar, we love our homeowners, and we are thrilled that so many of them come to us as referrals from family and friends. We strive to give customers an exceptional home experience, from shop to buy to own, and when they refer loved ones to us, we are eager to see them home with the same care and professionalism we showed the referee. If you would like to share the Lennar new home experience with someone, pass it on through our Lennar Referral Program.

“Any home buyers looking for the ultimate inclusive community, don’t settle for anything less than Lennar! The support you receive from (the) sales team, the builder and the finance department make it worth every minute you spend crafting and planning your dream home experience.” – BT from Clinton, Maryland

“As first-time home buyers, we had a lot of questions and wanted to stay updated at every step of the process. Lennar made the entire process easy, efficient, and exciting. We would definitely recommend Lennar to anyone looking for a pleasant and positive homebuying experience.” – KS from Aurora, Colorado

Why should I refer someone for homeownership?

A new home is perhaps the greatest investment any one can make; it also means a great deal to most. At Lennar, we believe in doing the right thing for the right reason, and that is why we go above and beyond in our efforts to deliver a safe, simple, and satisfying home purchase. Do you know someone who is tired of renting? Maybe a family who has outgrown their current living space? What about a family that has become smaller – the kids moved out – and now they want an equally-smaller home that is easy to keep, so they have more time for themselves? We will gladly help them find their next dream home!

Good friends make great neighbors! Have you thought about your friend or relative being your neighbor? If so, we can make it happen. You can be the connection, introducing your friends and family to us. Then our team of Consultants, be they Internet Sales Consultants (ISC) or New Home Consultants (NHC), can walk your loved ones through the steps of a new home purchase, from touring models to discovering Everything’s Included® features to signing the Purchase Agreement and beyond into the construction progress, New Home Orientation, and closing day.

You may know first-hand that as a first-time homeowner, the process of shopping for and buying a new home can be overwhelming. If your experience with Lennar went (or is going) well, and you know someone who could benefit from such an experience, pass their name along to us. It is our goal to help every customer enjoy the journey home.

“Amazing home and amazing staff! Lennar really made this experience a lot easier than I expected. The staff has always been patient and responsive. Many times, you look at model homes, and they end up being much nicer than the home they give you. That is not the case with Lennar. What they show you is exactly what you get, and I am very happy with my new home. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new home.” – LH in Marana, Arizona

How do I make a referral?

You can inquire with the NHC in your community or a Lennar Customer Care Representative or ISC for referral opportunities and proper steps. General information needed includes your loved one’s name, current address, phone number, and email address. Be sure to tell us your name as well, so we know who to say is the referrer when we contact your friend or family member. Your referral will be contacted within the next day or so of your referring them.

“Lennar impressed me immensely with the purchase of our first home. From the foundation being poured to the delivery and closing of the house, it was a seamless process. I expected some bumps in the road, but the staff with Lennar eliminated major problems and worked efficiently to deliver solutions to minor ones. I would definitely purchase another home from Lennar.” – Jack K. from Durham, North Carolina

When is the best time to make a referral?

Now is always the best time to refer someone to Lennar! Our ISCs and NHCs are always ready to assist new customers in their pursuit of homeownership.

“The Lennar experience is a notch above all my prior home purchasing. The Lennar staff in its entirety was top of the line. The new construction experience was over the moon! I recommend Lennar regularly. My home IS my dream home! Nothing but (a) positive experience in all aspects of the sale, purchase, construction, and move in. (A) Great neighborhood in the making!” – Linda McKnight from Raleigh, North Carolina

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