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Have you ever wondered who decides the next hot color trend?  Would you believe that the colors forecasted for next year were decided at least 2 years ago?  The industry leaders gather to forecast these colors way in advance so that the home furnishings industry can keep up on the manufacturing end.  Most times they are accurate, sometimes…well, that is why it is called a “trend”.  The refreshing element is that there are several color palettes and styles forecasted this coming year, so it is not one size fits all.  The colors range from warm earthy accents to soft, romantic pastels.  Home fashion colors generally follow apparel fashion colors so it is easy to spot the most popular trend on the rise.



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While various shades of blue continue to lead the color palettes into next year, they are being anchored by warm ethereal colors.  The colors have been selected to mix together but they can also stand alone.   The palettes change in hue with the seasons but the basic colors remain the same.  The color palettes are inspired by themes from our daily lifestyle, nostalgia, and cultural and global influences.  The main objective is to have uplifting colors in your home that make you feel comfortable.

Without further ado, here are a few of the styles and colors forecasted for 2017:


For the walls



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Warm neutral grays and taupe are still the most popular base colors to pair with the color stories forecasted for 2017.  For wall color, there has been a gradual transition in the last couple of years from warm accented walls to colorless colors.  Light, neutral wall colors are all the rage these days.  In most of the new styles, dark, rich wall color is a thing of the past and a lighter palette has emerged in its place.  Light taupe, light warm gray, and shades of white complimented with bright white trim are the most popular colors in today’s interiors.


Global Vogue



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Beautiful, vibrant colors inspired by countries and cultures around the world add energy and life to the home.  This style incorporates an eclectic blend of artifacts, rich finishes, layered textures and bold colors to add an adventurous edge to the way you live.  Warm red tones, pinks, exotic mustard yellow, vibrant blues, and even pops of green will appear in this Global Style.  The door opening to Old Havana will be a big influence in this trend.


Serene Retreat



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This fresh, soft, and misty palette casts a weightless, romantic ambiance.  Sun faded pastels and muted colors mixed with gray or taupe radiate grace and charm.  These colors pair well with straight lined contemporary as well as heirloom furnishings.


Eco Chic


ecochicVia Crate and Barrel

Reconnecting with nature and protecting our environment evokes the desire to bring the outdoors inside.  Like a breath of fresh air, the mix of natural finishes, reclaimed materials, and soothing Earth tones and textures offer a stress-reducing refuge from the hectic pace of our lives.  This rustic modern approach is complimented with organic colors such as fiery terra cotta, a tone inspired by Native American pottery and Turkish Kilims, shades of green, blue-greens, and warm reds.


Nostalgic Elegance



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It is true that what is old is new again.  A sophisticated mix of colors is re-emerging from the past in a dramatic way.  Rich floral hues such as Purple, Mulberry, Maritime Blue, and Forest Green are slowly making their way back into home fashion.  The important element to pulling this look together is to fuse the drama of the rich, sometimes murky colors (think Wuthering Heights) with tailored, cosmopolitan furnishings to give it a polished quality.

For examples of the new palettes, click the images below to visit a few of the industry leaders:






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