How to Childproof your Smart Home

Evelyn Reyes

When you think of childproofing your home your mind might immediately jump to securing cabinets, covering electrical sockets, and anchoring furniture to the walls. While those items remain important, you may be forgetting about the need to childproof all the new things that smart home technology brings to your ever-evolving home.

The future is here and smart home technology has made its way into millions of homes in one way or another. Homeowners have introduced home automation products into their home in recent years; from smart TVs, digital assistants, smart locks, and even smart thermostats. Home automation will only continue to become more prominent and since Lennar and Amazon have teamed up, home automation integration has become easier and will expand even faster.

It is important to not only adapt ourselves to the new home technology, but also protect these smart devices from our curious children.

Lennar Smart Home Devices to Childproof:

1. Amazon Echo Show & Amazon Echo Dot

Turn off voice purchasing on your Amazon Echo devices. Although it is super convenient to order more cereal with a  simple voice command, your little ones will quickly catch on. This will save you from receiving unexpected purchases and deliveries.

2. Baldwin Evolved Smart Lock

Turn on your phone notifications through the Balwin® mobile app. This will give you the peace of mind by letting you know when your children get home from school and prevent them from unlocking the doors past their curfew.

3. Honeywell Lyric Round™ Wi-Fi Thermostat 2.0

Download Honeywell’s Lyric Mobile app. Although you cannot lock your thermostat’s screen to prevent unwanted changes, by having the mobile app you can make sure that your kids don’t blast the A/C when you are away from home.

4. Ring® Video Doorbell Elite or Pro

Through Ring’s Video Doorbell you have the convenience of checking up on your home and also getting mobile notifications: Ring, motion & active alerts. With the Ring video doorbell you can teach your children not to let any strangers inside your home and to only unlock the door when it is a trusted family member or friend.

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